Sorry no rescue story this weekend, too much happened today and we thought you would like to hear about it.

Thank you so much for your generous support for the auction rescue. The auction rescue fund is currently at $805, only $195 left to go! We can do this with your help!

This morning some of the horses figured out a way to open up their pens and enjoyed a great adventure around the rescue. Soon they were all back where they belonged. We always recommend for horse owners that they have double fencing so if the horses get out of their pen they cannot get onto a road where they could be hit by a car. It is best to have the perimeter of your property fenced and then separate fencing for your horses.

Prince was a good boy. He just stood there watching everyone wondering what they were up to.

We had a special visitor today. Donna from Home at Last Sanctuary came down to learn how to write blogs and other horse related computer activities. Jason and Tawnee enjoyed teaching her how to get it all working, and hopefully soon they will be up and rolling with ease. Click here to view their blog.

Some potential adopters called up this morning and asked if they could come visit Molly the mule. After they spent some time with her, they realized she was not quite the mule they are looking for. They said they will keep an eye on our blog to see if one is rescued. Tawnee suggested to them that they may want to contact Yosemite stables. They have mules in their program that they may no longer need. Hopefully they will find the perfect mule soon!

One of our board of directors stopped by this afternoon and volunteered his time to beautify the rescue. Trimming up some of the dead limbs around the rescue really makes it look a lot better.

A big thank you to the following horse heroes who stepped up and donated today: Donna A., Danielle C., Rebecca U., James G., Sandy E., Susan L., Sue K., Charlotte K., Maureen R., Karen H. and those that donated who wish to remain anonymous. We cannot rescue horses without your support, thank you so much!

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