First off, we apologize that the blog was never emailed out on Friday. It was posted, it just never got emailed. If you would like to read the blog from Friday, it’s not just a rescue story, click here.

We are very excited to announce that the auction fund has been completed with $35 left over! Thank you so much for donating for the rescue and care of horses at livestock auctions this month.

The next thermometer that needs to be filled up is the hardship fund for those that are unable to afford the low cost euthanasia clinic, but who have an equine that needs to be put to sleep gently and with dignity. Our goal this month is to be able to provide free euthanasia services for 7 horses. Please help us provide a loving end to their magnificent lives. The euthanasia clinic is this Wednesday, so any donation to bring us to our goal is greatly appreciated, every dollar helps! Click here.

The horses were all so full of life this morning! The crisp, cool mornings really encourages the horses to kick up their heels with joy and trot around.

The stalls were done being cleaned and the shavings were being spread out when Mr T decided to come make his inspection to make sure Linda was doing it just right.

Some really nice folks came to the rescue today who were looking for a companion for their other horse. They looked at Abby and really liked her. Then they met Honey and fell in love with her too. They put them both in adoption pending and now they’ll have 2 companions for their horse, 1 that they can ride and 1 they will just love on. We are really excited that Honey now has a home lined up, let’s hope everything goes through and Abby and Honey can go home soon.

Next Intrepid Monarch’s potential adopter came to meet him. They really hit it off and soon you could see a bond developing.

Soon Monarch was carrying his soon to be queen around like she was royalty. He is such a beautiful mover. His potential adopter can hardly wait for her application to be processed so she will know when she can take him to his new palace. She has had an application with us before, but since it was over 6 months ago she had to redo her application.

While she was at the rescue she said she just had to see Macho Man in person. She enjoys reading about his adventures so much she just had to meet this precious little guy for herself. She was amazed on how little he really is. She says in the pictures he looks bigger, but in person you can see he really is so tiny!

Some of the day was spent in cleaning the tack room. The cleaning part got done rather quickly….
…but then for some reason the people got sidetracked in there and started pulling everything every which way. Quickly it became a mess once again.
Whatever could they be doing? While everything was being cleaned and organized, April and Tawnee started realizing there were a lot of little visitors hiding in the tack room just waiting to scare them. Every once in awhile you’d hear a shriek and a squeal from Tawnee or April. There were mice, lots of mice. Linda and another volunteer decided to remove the mice so they could be relocated. They also did a good job of tearing the tack room apart in the process.
All in all, 8 mice, some hiding under the hay, were relocated today. Yes, they did put the tack-room back together too. Tawnee says she just wouldn’t have the heart to “smack the mice” as some people put it, and she’s happy to knowing they are relocated now.

Many thanks to the rescue heroes who donated over the weekend. Suzanne F. and Elizabeth K., your donations are greatly appreciated!

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