First of all, a huge Thank You! to each and every one that donated to the euthanasia clinic. Your support is truly encouraging in these hard times.

This morning was cold and foggy while Tawnee was driving to the euthanasia clinic, but thankfully it was not raining. Tawnee really doesn’t like driving in the fog.

Halfway there, the fog lifted, the sun was shining brightly and everything looked very beautiful, bright and clean from last nights rain.

At the vet, little Parcy was bright eyed and chipper. He seemed to be happy to see Tawnee, at least that is what she says.

Euthanasia days are always so sad and emotional. Owners giving up their beloved horses they can no longer keep, or who’s time has come. This mare was rescued by her owners. They did everything they could for her, but she was simply too stiff from arthritis and had an old hip injury. They knew it was time to say “Goodbye.” The wonderful thing is, they gave her a wonderful last home, where she knew she was loved and cared for.

They had brought along in the trailer the mares companion, an old Appy gelding, to keep her company on the trip. His owner said she is retiring her Appy gelding soon and will be looking for another Appy to train and ride. Tawnee told her about the Appaloosa stallion who was surrendered yesterday. She really liked him, but Tawnee told her that he has to be gelded before the adoption can take place. She says she will think about it, hopefully he has a home soon!

By this time Parcy was able to go outside and stretch his legs. He definitely enjoyed getting out and moving around. At one point he took off running at full speed, probably the first time in his life, but it was on uneven ground. He hit a bump and took a spill. In no time he was up and going again. The vet says he is definitely stronger today and she can see a big difference.

He certainly brought a lot of joy to the rescue staff. Euthanasia days are hard, but this little guy made it easier. April enjoyed feeding him immensely.

Finally the long day at the vet was over. Some of those that had appointments for the clinic were unable to make it, so other arrangements will be made for them. We are thankful once again that through your support, we are able to give those that have no option a loving and kind option for their horse.

About this time Jason was in Gridley at the nursery pasture delivering hay. They are all doing quite well and the babies are now becoming all fuzzy with their winter coats.

Many thanks to Kimberly S and to those that wish to remain anonymous. Your support is vitally important, thank you!

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