A very kind lady has offered to donate a ramp for the mini-van, so Jason took some pictures and measurements today to send off. Hopefully it will be done very soon. Thank you so much Kristi for offering to get it done! A new, bigger stronger ramp will certainly be very appreciated!

Intrepid Monarch’s new mommy was so happy to be approved to adopt she just couldn’t wait another day to come pick him up. We are so glad that Monarch has a wonderful home to go to.

He was a very good boy and loaded right up into the trailer. In no time at all they were heading down the road to his forever home.

At the vet, Parcy has got everyone wrapped around his little hooves. Even Cindy, who answers the phone at the vet, had to come out and feed him. It was her very first time ever feeding a calf.

Pogo, the stallion surrendered a couple days ago, found out he was going to be gelded today. The look on his face, well, you could just see he wasn’t too thrilled about the idea.

Soon the whole operation was over and his life just got a whole lot better. He may not believe us right now, but we know it has.

Today was the day to say “Goodbye” to those that came to the clinic. It is always really hard, but being able to offer them their last bucket of grain as they drift into blissful sleepiness after being sedated is the most loving gift we can give them. All of their pain, fear and suffering is over.

It’s always hard seeing horses when their legs cannot hold them up anymore. There is just nothing more you can do for them, other than love them and say “Goodbye.” The legs, stiff with arthritis, will never know pain again.

All we can say to these horses is “You’ve lived a magnificent life, you’ll never know the fear of a slaughterhouse, we love you.”

After a long day, it was wonderful to see a beautiful golden sunset.

Many thanks to Gail G. for her donation today. We really appreciate it Gail!

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