We received a wonderful donation to the gelding program over the weekend. With the matching grant funds, it is currently at $1958 out of our goal of $5,000. We had a technical problem with our certificates, but the first batch was packed up today to be sent out to those that have requested one. Thanks Larry for getting them packed up!

Parcy is now at the rescue and doing great. He is so full of joy and life. This morning he walked up, put his face in the camera and stuck out his tongue: just like a goofy kid.

He got his first walk about the rescue today while the stalls where being cleaned. He kept looking around, you could almost see him trying to figure out where he fits into this great big world.

He kept looking for his mommy, walking up to people and horses, but he just can’t find her. Dakota, while feeling sympathy for the poor little guy, had to tell him that he is not his mommy. It is so sad, but we’re all glad that this little guy is here and doing so well. Some of you may have watched the Humane Society investigation video we linked to the day he was rescued. If he wasn’t here, he probably would have been slaughtered in a slaughterhouse, died from neglect or be a prisoner in a veal crate.

It was a busy day at the rescue today. It was the busiest Sunday we have had in awhile, probably because it was drizzling off and on. Busy is very good when horses are leaving to their loving homes.

Jim and Donna from Home at Last came down today to welcome Molly into their sanctuary. It is tradition that they never leave with just one friend in their trailer. We are extremely excited to inform you that Jesse has now been taken to their sanctuary as well. He is such a sweet old guy, it really made everyone’s day to see him get such a wonderful home to live out his life. Click here to read Home at Last’s blog.

Indie’s adopter was very excited to come out to see her lovely boy. However, Indie had decided to roll in the mud and make himself look as dirty as possible. He may have figured that if she still loved him, it was true love. You could definitely see how excited his new mom was in their adoption photo.

After the adoption paperwork was signed they all headed over to the fanciest trailer that has ever been to the rescue. 8′ tall interior, air ride suspension, reverse slants, anti-fatigue flooring (it literally felt like walking on a pillow) and front / back ramps. Yes, it was really nice. It looked so nice that Mr T trotted along to check it out too.

Mr T was quite impressed and decided this was his new home. However, they weren’t too keen on the idea, it was not a goat trailer. Mr T had to be held back so Indie could have a chance at loading. (If you’re wondering from the picture, no, he is not pregnant.)

Indie probably wished he hadn’t rolled in the mud and made himself look so bad when he walked up to this fancy trailer. After a little looking, he got in the trailer without incident and was soon heading off to his new home. While writing the blog we received an email saying that Indie made it home safely and is doing great!

Next it was Honey’s turn to go to her new home. We’ve had Honey over a year now, she’s the mother of Prince. If any of you missed out on the story of our 30 day premature baby, click here. Linda gave her the last grooming she will have at the rescue. Honey, being a little more sophisticated than Indie, wanted to look her best.
As the rain was drizzling down she walked over to the waiting trailer. She was a good girl and hopped right into the trailer, ready for her new adventure in life.

Jason was taking Honey to her new home as it was not too far away.

Honey settled right into the pasture with her new friend Trixie. Trixie has been lonely and was very happy to have a new companion.

When Jason left Honey was standing there taking in all of her new surroundings. You can tell she is happy to finally be home.

It was a busy day but Linda managed to work with some of the horses too. April and Linda moved a lot of horses to pens on higher ground as the rain has made some of the lower pens muddy and they need a chance to dry out.

Looking at the forecast it looks like the rain will be gone for a few days and it will be warming up a few degrees.

Many thanks to Sasha (age 8), Erin L., Susan M., Omar S., Joyce D. and Lori R. for their generous donations over the weekend. Your support is greatly appreciated, we could not do as much as we do without your support!

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