You never know what’s going to happen at the rescue at the start of the day. Today’s plan was to make a simple 90 mile trip to pick up 2 horses who’s owners were no longer able to keep them. After looking at the map, Jason and Tawnee realized they would only be about 40 miles from the Petaluma auction. A quick call to Kate at SAFER horse rescue, and the day became another auction rescue day. Not what was originally planned for the day.

Along the way Jason and Tawnee met with some very strong winds. Wind so strong that it blew large branches into the road, which Jason pulled off the road so no one would hit them.

Last time they went to Petaluma they went through little towns with slow speed limits and lots of stop signs, which was the way the GPS told them to go. Today they decided to stay on the major highways and it certainly seemed to work better.

Back at the rescue, April and Larry were meeting with Dakota’s adopter. They wanted to come on Sunday but due to the weather they were unable to make it. They were really excited that they were able to meet this special little guy today.

They absolutely love him, the adoption papers were signed, he was a good boy and hopped right into the trailer, and off he goes to his new grand adventure. His adopters are friends with the lady who fostered and adopted Cowboy the mule.

The hill is definitely a challenge for adopters. With the rain we’ve recently had it hasn’t made it any easier.

Finally Jason and Tawnee pulled into the Petaliuma Auction yard where Kate was waiting. She was excited to show the new horses to Jason and Tawnee. Kate had to do the bidding as they were too late. If Tawnee had done the bidding, we would probably have a bunch more calves.

We are so happy that these horses were saved today. This is an adorable little gelding.

This is an off the track Thoroughbred gelding who’s a little thin.

The horses were grateful to Kate for saving their lives. Kate generously donated the funds to save their life at the auction, the remainder of the auction fund that is left over from last auction will be used for the auction horses care this month.

Soon it was time to load up. The horses were more than willing to get on the trailer.

Kate gave the cute little gelding one last hug while saying goodbye.
Many of you probably remember that last Monday we did our first rescue from the Petaluma Livestock Auction. We wrote on the blog that we were grateful to the management of Petaluma for not selling BLM horses or burro’s without a title.
Well, guess what, the little gelding is a branded BLM mustang with no title. So much for their sign, but it sure looks good at least.
From the auction Jason and Tawnee headed to where the two owner surrender horses were waiting. They were quite a bit later than originally planned.
When they arrived a beautiful QH / Percheron mare, 6 years old, who started life as a PMU baby was waiting. She had been rescued as a 6 month old from Canada. They told us that she has had 6 months of training by a John Lyon’s certified trainer.

The other horse is an older gelding who they had gotten out of a situation that was not very good.

Autumn is a big beautiful girl. She makes you feel little!

Star, who is actually missing half of his tail, is quite the gentleman and loaded right into the trailer without much fuss
at all…

…and then stood there for 45 minutes while Autumn goofed around. She thought about going in and then decided she was not going to be put into the trailer.

The sun was set by the time Autumn decided she did want to be in the trailer after all. Finally the back door was closed, Autumn and Star were safely loaded and they were on the road.

Kristi, Petie’s old owner, is donating a custom built ramp for the miniature horses to load into the van. Kristi told Jason and Tawnee that the person making the ramp was in Vacaville, so Jason and Tawnee stopped by so he could get some measurements. What’s kind of interesting is that it is the same guy that built the portable stalls in the back of the van that the mini’s ride in! He is generously donating his time to get the ramp built.

Late into the night Jason and Tawnee drove, getting the 4 horses back to the safety of the rescue. Another very long day!

Many thanks to Kate at SAFER’s for donating the funds to save lives at the auction today.

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