Macho Man was quite surprised this morning when Tawnee haltered him and led him from his pen. He had no idea what his day had in store for him.

It has been so long since he has walked up his ramp he had almost forgotten how. With a few seconds to think, he started to remember what he was supposed to do.
Without hardly any fuss at all he was a good boy and hiked up the ramp into the giant trailer.

Prince, too, was surprised to suddenly be wearing a halter. He’s a really good boy and didn’t mind having the halter put on at all.

What could the day be holding for these two precious boys? Two little horses in separate stalls in one giant trailer. Prince needed to have the vet look at his eyes as part of his eyelids are white and part are black. We are hoping to have them tattooed so that his eyelids won’t sunburn.

Shortly after Tawnee left with the horses another load of hay was being delivered. It is always nice to have great hay delivered at a wonderful price.
Macho Man and Prince’s journey ended at the vet office. Macho Man needed to have his teeth examined and possibly floated today.
Dr Weaver took a look inside his mouth, despite his best efforts to let everyone know he would rather be relaxing with Dottie.

His teethe will benefit from some dental work, but due to some emergencies coming into the vet office his dental is scheduled for next Tuesday.

Macho Man was more than happy when he was all done with the examination. Prince has a tentative appointment for next Tuesday as well.

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