We are always searching for ways to make it easier for people to support the rescue. We have been working on one for awhile, and recently it got all set up. We hadn’t announced it yet, but today one of our friends and supporters, Bandit Blue, discovered it and got to work. The program is Ebay Giving Works, powered by Mission Fish, and it makes it very easy to support horses while you buy and sell on Ebay. You can donate 10 – 100% of the proceeds from the item you are selling. If you aren’t interested in selling, you can buy from those that are supporting us by visiting our Ebay Giving Works page by clicking here. Christmas time is just around the corner, there may very well be that perfect gift waiting on our Ebay page for you! Check it out.

You can also get to our Ebay Giving Works page by clicking on the link in our left menu bar below our friends on our website and blog. You can also easily list items for sale by clicking on the link.

This morning Tawnee decided it was time for Parcy to socialize a little bit. Off to the mini pen they went. Macho Man was quite intrigued, but Parcy couldn’t quite figure out why the black bundle of hair was following him around.

Pretty soon Parcy realized it wasn’t the grizzly bear he had imagined, but instead a cute little horse the same size as him. Macho Man thinks that Parcy is really cute, but definitely speaks a different language.

The untitled mustang that came from the auction last week is doing great. We have named him Blaze.

Tawnee got the shavers out and shaved down his brand to accurately read it and to make it easier for the BLM brand inspector to identify him. He is, unless we read the brand wrong, about 26 years old.

After it was done, he enjoyed a nice roll in the round pen. He couldn’t figure out why we decided to shave his neck hair, so he took a nice roll to rearrange his hair.

April and Tawnee spent a lot of time in the office. Tawnee is teaching April some of the ins and outs of Petfinder and other office work so April will be able to help keep the horses updated and the office running smoother.

While April and Tawnee were in the office, Linda and Larry were out getting pictures of the horses so they can be put on the website. Autumn sure is a big, beautiful girl.

About this time Mr T snuck into the feed room to work on his ever growing size. Tawnee threatens him that he will be sent to the Biggest Loser campus, where little goats that stuff themselves are put on a diet, have to exercise, and get back into shape. Like we said before, he’s not pregnant.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday two horses came into the rescue from a Humane Society so we can help them find homes. These two horses are numbers 297 and 298 for the year that have been rescued. Only 2 more and it will be 300 for 2009! It is really sad that there are that many horses in a small area of the United States that have needed our help this year alone. As the winter goes on, at the rescue we all fear it will only worsen.

The sun is messing up everyone’s schedules a little bit. It seems to slip behind the hill, it feels really late and everyone gets tired. Then someone looks at a clock and it’s only 3:30. It’s pretty bad, the long summer days sure get a lot more outdoor work done.

Some potential adopters came out this afternoon to look at the horses. They all really liked Woody, but they really liked all the other horses too.

A group of kids enjoyed giving Blaze some love as they groomed him. He enjoyed his bucket of senior feed with Molasses while he was being groomed too.

He may be a senior, but he’s really well trained and enjoys getting in the round pen to trot around.

He also gave a supervised ride to one of the younger visitors. She rea
lly enjoyed it, but…

…she seemed to have more fun playing with Parcy. She said “He’s such a cute baby horse!” We had to clear that misconception up.

When items are listed on Ebay supporting NorCal Equine Rescue, we will randomly pick one to share with you on the blog. Perhaps it will suit your fancy and you can support the rescue while buying a wonderful gift for someone else, or even yourself. Today we are featuring a beautiful cutting board that would be very stylish in any horse lovers kitchen. Click here to view the item on Ebay. Don’t forget to list your items on Ebay through Giving Works and it could be listed here too!

Many thanks to those generous people who donated over the holiday weekend. Sara H., Candace B. – Donated on behalf of Anita S. for her birthday., Costance W., Scott C., Annonymous., Pamela N. all gave to help support our rescue efforts. Thank you so much!

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