The Internet at the rescue has been working a little slower than normal lately. Jason tweaked and turned the antenna, but nothing quite seemed to help very much. It is certainly still fast enough to get the work done though.

The day was mostly spent doing office work that had to be done. While the chores were being done outside, Parcy made it very clear that he did not want Tawnee to disappear inside. He tugged at her jacket like a puppy.

One of the many things that was done inside today was listing the horse buttons on Ebay. You can buy a pack of 10 buttons starting at only $15.99 or Buy it Now for $22.99, free shipping. Click here to view the auction page. We are also selling the buttons with Dottie and Macho Man on them, click here to view that auction. This is a great way to support the rescue and get stocking stuffers for Christmas.

Jason had to clean out the horse trailer for tomorrows trip and Parcy wanted to help. He was told he’s a bit too small to move the manure out, but he was welcome to stand around and watch. He felt quite grown up being on top of the hill all by himself.

Some crud had worked its way under the mats, so they had to be pulled up and the junk scraped out. There is no way we want horses tripping over mats that are curling up!

A quick trip to the Post Office revealed some amazing surprises.

A very generous person donated this 10 karat white gold bracelet with 3 karat diamonds to be used as a fundraiser. The lovely bracelet was taken to a good local jeweler to be appraised so we can hopefully raise a lot of funds from its sale.

Also waiting at the Post Office was an absolutely amazing gift from Kelly Y. Her donation completely filled up the December Auction fund and December Euthanasia Hardship Fund! We cannot possibly thank Kelly enough for her extremely generous gift.

Today’s featured Ebay Giving Works auction, of which 20% of the final sale price will go to us, is a lovely Natural Horsemanship lead rope / halter. Click here to visit the auction.

Many thanks to those that donated today: Kelly Y., Country Supply, Rebecca O., Carla G. It is with sadness that we must announce that this is the last check from Country Supply. Their County Care Code program has been terminated. A special “Thank You” to the hundreds of people through the years that have donated thousands of dollars just by entering our Care Code. We will really miss this program.

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