We know this is off topic and not the normal for our blog, but we are asking for thoughts and prayers for a young girl named Ku’uipo. She is the youngest daughter of one of our Board of Directors, and she is barely hanging onto life.

She was recently involved in a tragic car accident, the section of the car she was sitting in was ripped apart from the rest of the car, pictured below. She is in critical condition. Click here to visit her website chronicling her accident.

Early this morning the truck and trailer were ready to go, along with Jason and Tawnee.

It was finally time for Captain to be delivered to his new home. It has taken awhile to get the schedules lined up, but today was his turn.

Roan also was heading to his forever home. It is always a good day when horses are going home. His adopter played a vital part in rescuing him from a PMU farm years ago.

If any of you have come out to the rescue recently, you know that the road is quite bumpy. The county has not maintained it in what seems like an eternity. Driving out this morning, it seems that the county may be planning to help the road out. All that could be seen that was done was the sign put up, but it was encouraging!

It was a long drive that led higher and higher into the mountains where it got colder and colder. At one place everything, including trees, were covered in a thick blanket of frost. This isn’t snow, it is just icy cold frost.

As the trip continued, there was soon snow alongside the road. It’s the first snow seen by NER staff this winter.

As the trip led down the other side of the mountain, the snow lessened and soon there was no more.

Roan was the first to be delivered. He was happy to get out of the trailer and take in his new surroundings.

He settled right in and began munching his lunch.

From there it was off to Lassen County Animal Control. Some folks had contacted them hoping they could assist them in finding new homes for their two horses they were no longer able to keep.

Tawnee and Jason took a quick peek in at the animals available for adoption at the shelter. It’s always so sad that there are so many homeless animals out there. This little dog is such a cutie, he’s just begging for a forever home. Maybe yours? If you’re interested, contact Lassen County Animal Control and ask for Judy.

From the shelter it was off to where the two horses were waiting to be picked up.

Waiting was a senior mare who the owner has been trying everything to keep her healthy, but nothing is working. She asked us to give her the Last Act of Kindness. The other is a little half mini / half Shetland pony. She is not halter trained but is friendly. After evaluation she will be looking for a new home. These two horses make 300 horses that came into the rescue this year!

Captain, the horse that was first loaded this morning, had to be unloaded so these two could be put in the front of the trailer. The old mare hopped right in, but the little one needed some encouragement.

Finally Captain arrived at his home. He will be very well loved and spoiled.

While Captain was settling in, Tawnee noticed that Captain’s adopter has pigeons hanging out at her place. Tawnee jokingly accused her of stealing NorCal’s visiting pigeons. She said “No, those are my baby’s.” The white one she hand-raised herself.

The adopter then went on to say “No problem, I’ll get you one” and brought out a baby one. He is cute and adorable, but right now everyone is stretched much to thin to be caring for a baby pigeon on top of it all.
Evening was falling as the long trip to the next destinatio
n was taken.

The last stop before the rescue was a horse that had decided that sending his owner to the hospital by bucking her off was a fun thing to do. His owner asked if we could take him and we said “Yes.”
The trip back to the rescue was made much more interesting by the bright, beautiful moon.

This blogs featured Ebay item is a Pack Saddle for a donkey. It looks like a really nice Pack Saddle made by Tuff Enuff. 25% of the sale price will be donated to the rescue. You can visit it by clicking here. Remember to list your items for sale on Ebay and selecting to donate a portion of the sale to help the horses!

We would like to thank Laura D. for your generous monthly support and thank you to Iris L. for buying a 10 pack of Macho Man buttons!

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