Parcy is really starting to enjoy morning chores. He just runs along, looking for someone to play with and something to do. Such a cute little guy! He is starting to find his “spot” in the world, knowing that he fits in and is loved.

Prince is such a beautiful boy and is getting so big. He just loves to be with you and any chance he gets to have human interaction he takes it. He is more than happy to pose for a picture whenever someone wants to hold a camera.

The old mare and the pony that were surrendered yesterday have settled in. The pony, even though she has her own food, likes to reach through the panels and eat with her friend.

Linda was out all day today working the horses, grooming, loving, evaluating and taking photo’s for the website. Here Mo is getting ready for a ride.

Many pictures were taken for the website available page today. Woody is certainly a very beautiful boy and is waiting for his forever home.

As the horses exercise in the round pen, they push the sand out of the round pen into a nice neat ring all around. Ideally, the sand should be inside the round pen for the horses to exercise on. Tawnee saw a problem…

…and was soon working on the solution. She took it upon herself to start shoveling the sand back into the round pen. Spirit, who was waiting to be seen by a potential adopter, couldn’t believe his eyes and wondered why a human would do such a thing. Eventually the roundpen will have a skirt around the bottom of the panels to keep the sand inside. 12′ long boards, about 12″ high, would work just great. Anyone want to volunteer to get the needed boards donated?

Spirit’s potential adopter met him and really fell in love. Hopefully everything will work out where she will be able to take him home. He is a really majestic boy!

He had to show off to his potential adopter by playing with the Equi-Spirit ball. Every time Napoleon sees the ball, he believes that he is viewing the biggest monster on earth, and that the ball will come attack him. Even though he is a few hundred feet from the round pen, the first sight of the ball just puts him on high alert. Spirit had a lot of fun with it though, no doubt partially because his name is on the side of it.

Finally a long day at the rescue was coming to an end. As the sun is moving though the winter cycle, we are losing the beautiful sunsets. During the summer we tend to get really beautiful sunsets, but unfortunately not so many any more.

Today’s featured Ebay Giving Works item is a handmade quilt for your little cowboy or cowgirl! It measures 36×37 inches. Click here to visit the auction. It would be a perfect Christmas gift.

Many thanks to Cindy R. for her generous monthly support. We could not rescue as many horses as we do without your support.

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