First of all, we got a wonderful update on Indie recently. His adopter writes and tells us that he is doing great. They all look like they are enjoying themselves in this picture on a beautiful ride. It is always so wonderful to hear from adopters how well their horse is doing.

Casper is doing great in his forever home as well. His adopter recently took him in a parade and sent us a picture. Thank you so much Judy for giving him such a wonderful home.

Early this morning, with frosty windows and cold fingers, Jason hooked the truck and trailer together. The mornings have been a bit chilly recently, but after visiting Susanville and Greenville, Jason remembers why NorCal Equine Rescue chose to move to the valley. 18 degree mornings are hard on everyone and all the horses! It was about 34 degrees this morning, which is much better.

Macho Man had an appointment to get his teethe worked on today. He was really wondering why he was being haltered and led out of his pen so early in the morning. Dottie followed along for awhile, but Petie just watched him head off from a distance.

The sun was just beginning to warm everything when Tawnee was driving away. It’s always so nice when the frost disappears.

Autumn was also taken to the vet today. We wanted to have the vet check out an old injury she has to make sure it won’t affect her soundness. She loved nibbling on the green grass.

Macho Man was a little leery of the veterinarian operating room. He kept looking around with wide eyes, looking for his bucket of treats. This time it never came, and he wondered why.
The vet and vet tech gave him some sedation to prepare him for his dental work. Soon he was thinking only happy thoughts.

And then, his dental work began. Some of Macho Man’s bottom teethe were growing up too far, rubbing against his top teeth and wearing a groove, giving him a waved mouth.

After some skilled work, he is as good as new and he will be able to eat much easier. Tawnee says it looks like it is harder to float a mini’s teeth than a full sized horse. His mouth is so tiny it’s hard to get the tools in there! Doctor Weaver did a great job though. After everything was done, Macho Man got his bucket of treats.

Autumn got her lameness exam. The vet believes she will be fine. Xrays would be able to determine whether the old injury could have any potential for causing her problems. Due to a full schedule xrays were not taken today.

We recieved an email about a new movie that is coming out about the wild Mustangs. It looks like it will be very educational, we have it on our list of “Must See” movies along with Equine Destiny. It is called Dissapointment Valley. You can watch the preview by clicking here or clicking the play button below.


Today’s featured Ebay Giving Works item is a 14″ Western saddle. Click here to view the Ebay listing. We would like to thank everyone that is posting and buying Ebay items that benefit the horse rescue! This auction has the option for “Make an Offer.” It only has a few hours left so check it out!

We would like to thank those that give so much support, both financially and emotionally. You can see your name here by clicking here and donating to help rescue horses.

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