We are very excited to announce that NorCal Equine Rescue is expanding. Our new division is called Starving for Love. As you may know, at a livestock auction recently Tawnee just had to rescue a calf, who was quickly named Parcy. If you are somewhere and you see a problem, you should do what you can to help. That is what we are doing, providing a way for infant calves that have never known love to be given love, compassion, food, and then given the last act of kindness. We could turn a blind eye to the infants cry, acting as if they do not exist, but we cannot. No animal deserves to suffer, especially innocent babies.

The new website is: www.SaveTheCalf.com. Also there is an email group for the Starving for Love email list. Everyone that receives the NorCal Equine Rescue blog in their email will be added to the list, if you do not wish to be on the list, there will be an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the Starving for Love email. By clicking on that link you will not be unsubscribed from NorCal Equine Rescue’s daily blog email.

We are very pleased to announce that Jennifer G has stepped forward and donated the first donation towards the Starving for Love campaign. Her extremely generous donation of $500 will give 5 calves the love they would never have known.

The other exciting news is that Tawnee has donated Parcy to the Starving for Love campaign to be used as a mascot and ambassador for all calves that need help. Sponsors are needed for Parcy, if you are interested in sponsoring him, click here.

This morning at the rescue was very cold. It was the first morning that there was ice in the water troughs and water hoses were frozen. It really is a cold snap, there are rumours that the snow level may be down to the valley floor, and the rescue may very well see snow. It should be short lived.

With the cold weather, we are upping our daily grain feed to help the horses our during this cold spell.

There was no visitors at the rescue, no doubt they were all curled up in blankets at home sipping hot drinks. That was not the luck for the rescue staff and volunteers today. Linda bundled up extra warm. Tawnee found extra ear warmers to keep everyone’s ears warm.

Linda saddled Hope today. She did great with the saddle, but really doesn’t have a clue about riding. She is really a cute little mare that needs a home.

It was so cold that the little birds decided the tack room might be a little bit warmer. Quite a few birds found their way into the tack room, but quickly decided it was no warmer and made their way back out again.

It was snowing a few miles up the hill from the rescue this afternoon, but for most of the day it was large broken clouds floating up to the hills where the snow was falling. Winter is definitely here!

Today featured eBay item is a set of Sterling Silver horseshoe earrings. 15% of the purchase price is donated to the rescue, you can view the item by clicking here! It’s starting out at only 99 cents.

We would like to greatly thank Julia S. – Judy H. – Nancy P. – Molly H. – Donna A. – Pamela M. – Teresa L. – Yvonne P. – Patricia F. – Jennifer G. – Taryn M. – Brenda S. – Gay M. – Lynn and Ruby T. for their generous donations over the weekend. The rescue can’t rescue without your support! We really appreciate those that donate to the general operating fund as we are really going through a lot of feed and hay right now.

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