This morning early the rig was hooked up and ready to go. As soon as the morning chores were done Jason and Tawnee were off on another auction rescue.

You all know we have been talking about the mysterious road work signs, hoping the road would be grated and smoothed soon. This morning, no sign of tractors or signs, but the road is all smooth. What a wonderful sight!

SAFER horse rescue was planning on being at the auction to bid on the horses so they would be ready to pick up. They had their camera with them today, and were promptly yelled at and thrown out of the auction. A volunteer stepped forward to do the bidding on SAFER’s behalf. You always feel kind of helpless when you are on the road, you find out things are going badly, but there isn’t a thing you can do to help. You just have to hope things work out in the end. Once again we would like to thank SAFER for their support in helping with the cost of the rescue.

Finally Jason and Tawnee arrived at the auction. They left the camera in the truck since the auction staff seem to be on high alert for camera’s.

The camera was not brought out again until they had loaded all the animals and were at a gas station. It was nice to have the horses safely tucked away in the trailer. In all 3 horses came to the rescue from the auction today. 1 Paint gelding, 1 Arab and 1 Saddlebred mare.

While at the auction some snow flakes fell, but thankfully it turned to rain and then quit while on the road.

It was a long, uneventful drive back to the rescue, other than the thermometer showing 24 degrees while going through Sacramento. On the news they said it had snowed in Sacramento last night for the first time in a very long time. Jason is so glad he was not driving horses back to the rescue through the snow!

The horses are all settled down and munching nice yummy hay. There will be more pictures and information in the next blog entry. It is very hard to get a good flash picture of a horse. First impressions are so important too!

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A huge Thank You! to Suzanne F. for her generous donation today. It is greatly appreciated!

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