This morning was very cold! The thermometer showed a bone numbing 23 degrees. The meteorologists predict warmer weather is on its way, it will be very welcome! Yes, this picture was taken at the rescue.

Despite being cold, the chores all had to be done. Our green shavings are becoming famous. Wherever we go, it seems when we open the trailer door, people say “Ahhh, the green shavings.” We are still very grateful they were donated, the pile doesn’t seem to be shrinking very fast either even though we are using it all the time.

Today was farrier day at the rescue. Everyone was bundled up and ready for the job. Napoleon was a good boy while his feet were being done, but still a little leery.

Phoenix had that look on his face which plainly said “Well, my feet are getting done again, guess I’ll stand here until it’s over.”

All the horses at the rescue that needed a trim are all caught up. Petie got her feet trimmed too. She was a good girl, far better than Dottie was.

The sun was shining today, but the air just never warmed up. It seems some of the staff can’t wait for summer, but we know then they will be complaining about the heat.

Linda worked with the horses today as well as everything else that was done. We are extremely grateful for Linda’s dedication and hard work.

After the farrier left, Jason and Tawnee loaded panels onto the side of the small trailer. Tawnee got one of those phone calls the other day that made her spirits sink. “We have two stallions, one of them is wild, the other is halter trained, we have to get rid of them.” Tawnee explained the options that we have and that we are extremely full at the rescue, but we do have the euthanasia clinic. They made the decision to have the stallions brought into that program. They had to come in early to the clinic, and today was the day they needed to be picked up as they could no longer keep them.

The people really loved their horses and kept them well fed. It’s always sad when people have to give up their horses.

Since we have no room for the stallions at the rescue, they had to be taken directly to the vet. They will be evaluated by the vet and our staff tomorrow for adoptability. We just hope and pray the economy will get better, people will stop losing their jobs and homes, and can keep their animals safely at home.

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We would like to thank Becky W., Sara H., Lee E., Lisa F. (Mommy of William and Angelito the little baby donkey’s) Pamela N (she wants us to stay warm in the snow) Alberta M. (in honor of Jim and Eileen G.) Thank you all so very much!

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