Thanks to Kelly Y., this month we have not needed to have a Euthanasia Clinic or Auction fundraiser. We would like to turn our attention to the low-cost Gelding Program. We have currently raised $1958, and have been sending certificates out to needy horse owners, using the funds that have already been raised. We need more funds so we can send out more certificates! This program is vitally important as there are too many youngsters out there that need to be gelded. This week we came across two young stallions and we are hoping their owners will make the right choice and have them gelded. Otherwise they could end up in similar circumstances to the stallions in yesterdays blog. Please click here to donate to help reduce the number of unwanted horses at the source!

This morning was a beautiful morning, and thankfully it was significantly warmer! With all the horses at the rescue, morning chores seem to take longer than ever these days. There was still some ice, but by the time the chores were done it was melted away.

Our hay guys came out today with a nice load of hay. They say that we need to move to a new location, and since one is an under worked Realtor and the other is an under worked broker, they are going to find that perfect place for us. Guess they got tired of driving down the long gravel road too, but at least it isn’t bumpy for now. They say the hay business keeps them from having to visit the gym to stay in shape.

Tawnee headed out to the vet today for a final evaluation of the stallions. It is so sad there are not qualified homes for all the horses that need a home these days. Sadly they were both deemed unadoptable. We already have one recently gelded guy, Pogo, and no one has shown any interest in him. Since stallions keep their testosterone for quite awhile after being gelded, Pogo still cannot be with the other horses. Bringing two more recently gelded boys into the shelter is sadly not an option.

Our friends at A Chance at Bliss have been having some financial trouble. They have adopted several equines from us over the years, including Spike the adorable donkey. Now they are in trouble and need some real help! KCRA Channel 3 did a story on them today. Click here to watch the video to learn more.

Many of you may remember this picture of Woody that was taken 11-13, the day after he arrived. Linda, the lady who works with the horses, liked the picture and had something in mind, other than just looking at it…

Linda is an artist and painted a beautiful portrait of Woody. You can definitely tell it’s him. She is obviously a very talented painter!

She now has Woody’s painting on Ebay with 20% of the sale price benefiting horses like Woody that need to be saved! Click here to bid on this wonderful portrait. It doesn’t say how big it is on the Ebay page. We talked to Linda this evening and she informs us it is a 12″ x 14″ oil painting. She plans on painting some more, we are all keeping our eyes peeled! You can start your own Rescued Horse portrait collection.

We sadly must announce that we will be closed on Sunday due to the rain. At least, that is what the weatherman tells us. The weather says it will be raining on Sunday. If you want to come out to the rescue on Sunday, please call Sunday morning. If you get no answer, consider the rescue closed to visitors. This is the first winter we have been closed on rainy days. We don’t have a covered arena, covered round pen, etc and due to liability reasons, we need to be closed on rainy days. We hope that you understand!

Many thanks to Anonymous (in memory of Rose and Django) and thanks to Brandie for placing Sadie in adoption pending today!

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