12-11-09 – Angelito and William’s Rescue Story

Angelito and William’s Rescue Story

In February of 2009 at a livestock auction we rescued 3 donkeys. An emaciated donkey, who was the mother of the black donkey (Angelito) shown below, and the other was…

…William. The two little donkeys were thin, and all three of the donkeys were covered in lice. Sadly, Angelito’s mother was too far gone to be saved and she passed away at the vet shortly after being rescued. This left us with two little donkeys, probably half brothers.

William and Angelito steadily became healthier, and with treatment and care their lice problem was soon gone. They were two extremely adorable little guys who loved to get out and roam around the rescue.
They would spend hours wrestling and playing tag together. Everyone at the rescue just loved to watch them have so much fun.

They acted quite betrayed when it was time to go to the vet for their gelding operations. Before they could be adopted into a forever home, they needed to be gelded though.

They recovered from their gelding operations and soon the memory was gone. It was back to their endless games once again. Everyone at the rescue was attached to the little guys, but we knew it was time for them to find their forever home.
In April the perfect family was matched up with them and it was time to say “Goodbye.” We were sad and happy all at the same time. Their new mom and dad were simply thrilled with them.
We gave one last look in the trailer and said “Goodbye boys, we love you, be good!” Then they were off.
We recently received an update on William and Angelito. We got pictures of them enjoying the snow, along with a Christmas card that said:
“Just wanted to give you an update on “The boy’s” as we affectionately call Williams (my pet name) and Baby (pet name for Angelito.) As you will see in the enclosed photos, they have really filled out and grown taller. Angelito stands a bit taller than William, I think William is bossy and definitely dominant. Angelito is like a frisky colt and all legs. They are inseparable. We are so glad we adopted them together. Thanks for entrusting us with them, they are adorable.”
Please enjoy the photo’s of Angelito and William below! We are so glad they have such a wonderful home together. You can click on the picture to see it larger if you want.

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