We received a great update from JT’s adopter. They write: “We’ve re-named him Stormy and everyone who meets him loves him to pieces and our mares adore him. First thing we did was give him a makeover, and boy does he look good! Stormy loves exploring, and loves all the attention he gets. Stormy seems very happy here, at his forever home. I attached a few pictures of Stormy and hope you enjoy them. Thank you guys for everything you do! “

It’s very fitting that they named him Stormy, as the day he came into the rescue it was very stormy and everything was cold, wet and rainy. Thanks for giving him such a great home!

Speaking of rain, that is exactly what was happening at the rescue today: pouring rain. We would like to thank our dedicated staff and volunteers who braved the weather to help with the horses today. Linda tells us she likes the cold better than the hot.

We were closed to visitors today due to the bad weather, but all the normal chores still had to be done. The stalls had to be cleaned and bedded down with the famous green shavings.

All the horses were fed and were made quite happy. Just to think in 2007 there was nothing on this land except grass and weeds. It has really come a long ways, and so many hundreds of horses have passed through the shelter on their way to a loving home. We couldn’t have done it without your support and the hard work of so many staff and volunteers!

April made sure all the trash was picked up. That’s one thing about the green shavings, they are bundled up in bags about the right size for a gerbil cage. By the time you get a horse stall covered with shavings, you have a lot of little empty bags.

We couldn’t figure out which Ebay Giving Works item to highlight, so we chose two instead, one that would interest those that have horses, and one that interests everybody. The first is a gorgeous Lycra Full Sheet Extra Large, blue. It is only $9.99 and 10% of the sale price goes to help the horses! Click here for the sheet’s eBay page.

The second item is a very cute hand painted saw blade picture. It is a picture of a beautiful barn setting with the old barn, red tractor, all in the beauty of winter. It is currently $8.99 and 10% of the sale price goes to help the rescue. Click here for the saw blade.

Many thanks to Erin A., Tabitha T., Natalie K. for their generous donations over the weekend. Thank you so very much!

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