Jason cleaned the trailer, loaded some hay and extra shavings and got it all ready for a long trip.

It was rainy and cold. Petie was happy to get into the trailer with her own private stall. She was ready for her trip!

Jason and Tawnee hit the road and settled in for a long drive. It was a little foggy in places, and rainy most of the day, but not to bad at all.

When they stopped at a gas station, Jason went inside to buy some food. When he was checking out, the clerk noticed his shirt and just had to ask a lot of questions. She was very excited that Petie was in the trailer and she asked if she could come out and see her. She ooed and awed over Petie. “She is so cute!” Tawnee mentioned that Petie could wear Build a Bear tennis shoes, and she said “I know, I saw a little mini at the state fair wearing tennis shoes.” She described the mini, and sure enough, she had seen Macho Man. He is pretty famous.

Tawnee had the wireless Internet on the laptop, a cell phone, and was able to get dozens of phone calls returned. Last week was so busy there was no time to get them replied to. What better way for a co-driver to spend her time than talking on the phone? Yes, we still love Google Voice.

The rain stopped and the clouds were breaking up as they traveled farther south. Around sunset it was very beautiful as the sun would peek through the clouds.

Sometime after sunset driving along Jason and Tawnee heard the all too familiar “swish swish swish.” Tawnee rolled down the window to listen and told Jason “We have a flat tire.”

Jason soon had it changed out with the spare. Enough flat tires already, but it has been quite awhile.

This morning (all of the above blog activity took place on Sunday) Petie was wide awake and wondering where this adventure would lead.

Any guesses on where Jason, Tawnee and Petie spend Sunday night? Los Angelas, where they line the streets with palm trees. This morning was a very beautiful sight: bright blue sky with tall majestic palm trees.

There journey wasn’t over yet. They continued on through LA almost to Mexico.

They finally arrived at their destination: Blue Apple Ranch, Petie’s forever home.

Petie was soon settled into her own stall and was happily munching hay. It has been a long trip, but Petie will definitely enjoy the lovely climate and care she will receive down here.

The Blue Apple Ranch is not officially open yet, but it has certainly met huge milestones in their path to being open 100%. Jason and Tawnee are spending the night in one of the guest houses at the ranch and will help out at the ranch tomorrow morning.

Many thanks to all those that donate their time and energy into making the rescue work so well and to the tireless volunteers who make sure the horses are well cared for. We can’t do it without you! Thank you all for your support both emotionally and financially.

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