At the rescue today, volunteers took care of all the needed chores. Thank you so much for your tireless work and for going out of your way to help. April and Larry had the day off as Larry had a major back surgery. We are thankful to report that the surgery went well. We are all praying for a speedy recovery.

Today was a very beautiful day in the San Diego area. The cloud was so pretty as it went over the mountain.

Jason and Tawnee did not have to head out right away from the Blue Apple Ranch and were able to stick around and help out. Once again, it’s not officially open yet, but there are some horses that are already there. A vet was coming out today to pregnancy check some mares.

There was a stallion that needed to be gelded too. Since Tawnee has so much experience helping our vet, she offered to help and her help was greatly appreciated. The operation was quite successful.

Jason and Tawnee visited with Petie one last time and did a photo glamour shot. We are so excited that she will have such an amazing home and will bring so much joy to so many kids lives. Petie, you are a very special girl and we are so glad you have found such a great forever home.

Jason and Tawnee hit the road once again as they were meeting with some wonderful supporters of the rescue in San Diego.

Jason and Tawnee visited a local beach where harbor seals have lived for years. The seals rest in the warm sand, give birth on the warm sand, as they have done for thousands of years. There are some people who believe the beach should only be used by humans… click here to learn more.

A very pretty sea gull came over to visit. It’s amazing how much beauty can be seen if you just take a minute to look around.

Today’s eBay giving works item is a Breyer QH mare. Breyer collectors, if you don’t have this girl in your collection, you can add her to your collection and help horses all at the same time. Click here to visit the page. It’s at only $14.99 and 50% of the sale price goes to help the horses!

Many thank to all of the generous horse heroes who donated today: Lance A. – Cari B. – Christine B. – Gail G. – Anonymous – Michelle G. Thank you so very much, your support is so greatly appreciated and needed in these hard times.

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