You’ve heard of a dedicated volunteer that is always there when an organization needs them right? Well, we believe that Larry should get the “Volunteer of the Millennium” award. A day after his major back surgery, he is laying in his hospital bed, above all things, writing emails! Wow! We really appreciate Larry’s dedication and enthusiasm.

This morning the truck and trailer were all hooked up and ready to go to work again. So far on this trip Jason, and a couple times Tawnee, hasdriven almost 1,000 miles.

This morning was the day that was planned to pick up the two horses that are being transported to their forever home at Home at Last Sanctuary. They were also donating their panels and other items so these were loaded first before the horses.
There were a couple 24′ panels that are simply too long to fit inside the trailer, so they were securely tied on the side of the trailer.

The transfer paperwork was all filled out and signed while the guys were loading the feed buckets, panels, and everything else that was going with the horses.

Lexi was the first to load up. She is a really good girl and had no second thoughts about getting into the trailer. It’s so nice to load horses when they know what they are doing and are more than willing to do it.

Gracie enjoyed watching Lexi get into the trailer, but she was a little concerned she would not be going with.

Gracie was reassured that she was going to live at Home at Last and she loaded up nice and easy too. Such good girls!

Then the long drive back to the rescue began. The freeway was quite often clear of excess traffic…

…but it seemed more often to be bogged down with heavy traffic. It is quite stressful at times driving horses through heavy traffic, but thankfully there have been no mishaps. At one point there was a slowdown, and at the end of the slowdown there were tow trucks, highway patrol cars, and 3 individual cars parked alongside the road who’s only problem was flat tires. They were all about 100 yards apart. Jason and Tawnee were so thankful they were not part of them.

The sun was setting while driving along I5, it sure was beautiful!

This blogs featured eBay giving works item only has 5 hours or so left, so if you have been waiting to snipe it, you had better hurry! It is the original oil painting of Woody, a rescued horse, done by Linda. Click here for the eBay listing.

Many thanks to your kind words of encouragment today. If you’re not a friend yet on Facebook, be sure to look us up! Due to the long drive back to the rescue, Thursday’s blog may be a rescue story.

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