Phoenix’s Rescue Story

Phoenix was rescued May 5th, 2009. It all started when a woman named Diane was driving down a road in central California. A horse caught her eye. It was standing in a field, all alone. He was very skinny and didn’t look healthy in the least. She turned the car around for a closer look. She almost didn’t, but something inside her head told her she needed to investigate. She is an amature photographer, so she took pictures and posted them on her blog and put a link on another major horse blog, hoping to get help for this horse. One of our volunteers saw the pictures and forwarded them to us at the office.

We contacted a local veterinarian office, Taylor Vet, to help rescue this poor boy. Animal Control refused to seize him, stating “The horse was a very old horse, there was food for him on the property in the form of some green grass, and that he has been improving in weight and health, other than his hair seems to be falling out.” Upon evaluation he is only about 14 years old!

The owner agreed to sign Phoenix over to us. Taylor Vet led him gently to a waiting trailer.

He was hungry, and showed some interest in food.

Poor Phoenix, he was simply as emaciated as a horse can get without dying. His hair was falling out due to malnutrition the vet said.

He had a soft, kind spirit and the vet could not believe that someone would allow their horse to get in this condition.

They determined that he was just barely strong enough to make the short trip to the vet hospital. He could hardly lift his legs into the trailer, but with some time he managed.

Once in the trailer he was given another quick examination to make sure he could make the trip.

Phoenix has been at a vet hospital from when he was rescued in early May 2009 until late October 2009. He was first at Taylor Vet, and once he was strong enough to travel, Look Ahead Vet. He had a rough start to his recovery, he had severe diarrhea and other complications due to his starvation. He had to have a lot of medical attention including a plasma transfustion. Now, Phoenix is recovered and doing extremely well.

Phoenix has been given a lifetime sponsorship by a very generous donor so he will be living his life out at the rescue. He has a friend named Napoleon and they share a home together.

It is hard to believe that about 5 months ago Phoenix was at the point of death by starvation. He looks like a completely different horse now.

We are so glad that Phoenix was given a 2nd chance at life. We know he is glad too!

To watch a video about Phoenix’s journey to life, click the play button below or click here to watch it on Youtube.


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    Great job.

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