This morning was cool and wet. The horses were all anxiously waiting for breakfast, which they got right away.

With the rain we’ve had, it seems like there is mud everywhere. Standing water in some of the large pens. Mud up to the ankles. Mud is always a problem when you have horses, but this year it just seemed to be worse than normal.

This morning none of the volunteers were able to make it early, but the visitors all seemed to show up at the same time and Tawnee started getting a bit overwhelmed. Sadie’s adopters were among the first group to come, she had been excitedly waiting for her application to be approved. Sadie was a very good girl and you could easily see the bond forming between them.

Sadie has a new loving home, one where she will never be starved like she was in her old home. Sadie has come a long ways in her recovery and all she needed now was a home. Thanks so much for giving her such a great home!

Sadie’s mommy’s friend fell in love with Woody and put him in adoption pending. Woody wasn’t sure was the green stuff was and tried to eat it. Sorry Woody, cash doesn’t taste as good as the yummy food it buys!

Sadie loaded right up in the 2 horse straight load trailer and we told her goodbye. She took one last look at the rescue that has been her shelter since May. We are so glad she will be home for Christmas!

A lot of people came out to the rescue today to look at horses. The last couple Sunday’s have been slow, and it was really nice to have a busy Sunday.

While Tawnee was showing horses, the guys (Jason and a couple volunteers) were busy moving panels to drier ground. Pen after pen was made under the trees.

Horse after horse was moved up and put into their own pen. We are hoping that only have 1 horse per pen will really cut down on the mud. The pens are 24′ x 24′.

Hour after hour they worked, moving panels, setting them back up, making pens.

Spirit had some round pen time playing with the big soccer ball. He really does enjoy playing with it, but then it started raining and it was time for him to go to his new pen.

Spirit and Autumn are friends and were led up to their waiting pens together.

Tawnee was moving the horses up to the pens and she was getting them there just as quick as the guys could put the pens together.

As night fell, the rain continued and the pens were still being set up. Finally after dark the horses were all settled in for their first night in their new pens.

Today’s eBay giving works item is a Belgian Draft Horse Breyer model. A full 50% of the funds will be donated to the rescue! Please click here to bid on the gorgeous horse. This is a must add to your collection, or a great gift for Christmas!

Many thanks to Kathleen W., Rebecca O., Karen G., Claire S., Sara H. for their generous donations over the weekend! It is greatly appreciated!

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