This morning the horses were still enjoying their mud free pens. More panels were also being moved so all of the horses can be in dry pens. By this evening it was finally done and every horse is out of mud and in its own separate pen.
An approved adopter came out to see the horses. He was really interested in the little pony and also fell in love with Hope. He isn’t able to adopt until after the holidays, we all know how busy they can be. We are very hopeful that My Little Pony and Hope will be in their forever home soon.

While Tacoma’s pen was being made, he enjoyed goofing off in the round pen. He was like a little kid in an amusement park: he just couldn’t stop running, bucking and kicking.

He is a really beautiful boy.

After the horses were all in their separate dry pens, it was time for the two horses that were being transported up from San Diego to be taken to their final destination.

They were both great girls and hopped right into the trailer, excited to see where their new adventure would lead.

When the rescue rig was pulling out, dark clouds were begining to form, but no rain.
By the time they got to Oroville, it was a downpour! Tawnee’s thought was “Great, we’re going to have to unload horses in the pouring rain.”

But, thankfully, by the time they were passing the vet office, the clouds were broken and there was a beautiful sunset. It’s amazing living in the valley, the weather can change in a minute!

The sky was still dry when after dark they arrived. Both girls were unloaded and happily enjoying their supper at their forever home at Home at Last. We did receive some questions about adopting the little mini, she wasn’t our horse to adopt, we were just transporting them to Home at Last.

Many thanks to Lisa H who donated to buy some hay in honor of her sister, Wendy S. We would also like to thank Katie for putting Mocha and her baby in adoption pending!

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