Today was the euthanasia clinic, a lot of people were interested in coming, but decided to wait until the next clinic due to the holidays. Tawnee wasn’t sure how many people were coming. She loaded up Kristy and Trixie to be examined by the vet.

Unlike yesterday, today was a cold, but a beautiful and clear day. It was so nice to see bright blue sky.

One horse came into the clinic today. They had owned her since she was born 26 years ago. Her quality of life was gone and it was her time to be laid gently to sleep. We are very thankful that we have been able to provide these clinics for so many horses in need of its service. It’s a hard and challenging program, but knowing these horses are not dumped at an auction or sent to slaughter makes it well worth it. We would like to thank you, our supporters, for making these clinics possible!
Kristie has been heavy on everyones minds here at the rescue. Something just seems wrong with her. She has no appetite, she stands in her pen looking miserable, and sometimes she almost gets a far away dazed look. Dr Weaver examined her and could not find anything wrong with her on the outside, but she did age her at 26 years old.
It was decided to give her an ultrasound as one person thought she may be pregnant, and we wanted to know. The ultrasound revealed an extremely shocking and saddening problem. Kristi’s right ovary has a huge tumor the size of a football, seen below. She is living a miserable existence and it has been decided that humane euthanasia is the last gift of kindness we can give her. It is comforting to know that she was pulled out of an auction where a known killer buyer attends, and that she will never know that terrible fate.
After Kristi’s examination it was Trixie’s turn to be seen by the vet. She injured her shoulder a few weeks ago and it wasn’t healing up as it should.
She was sedated and led into the operating room.
The area had to be cleaned and prepped for surgery.
Dr Weaver got to work and after examining the injury it was determined she had a small infection. The infection was cleaned out and she should heal up just fine.
Trixie is finally over her battle with ticks. Not a single tick can be found on her and we hope it stays that way! When she came to us from Petaluma Livestock Auction her whole body was covered with ticks, which made her quite uncomfortable.
After she was patched up she was put in a stall to spend the night at the vet.
It was a long day, but finally after dark it came to an end and Tawnee was able to head back to the rescue.
Many thanks to Roberta A., Seth and Kerri B on behalf of Kate B., and Gail G. for their very generous donations today! It is greatly appreciated.

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