We have some very exciting news to share this blog. Kramer, a horse that was adopted in July, is now an official Police Horse! He looks so stunning in his uniform. He is such a wonderful ambassador, not only for the Police Department in public relations, but also for horses at shelters and rescues across the nation. Just because you are a horse that was rescued, does not mean you are a bad horse. There is a great news clip about Kramer’s police work, click here to watch it.

It was a beautiful morning at the rescue. The horses are really enjoying their new pens. We are so thankful that we have enough panels to make the portable pens possible. It definitely helps out on the mud situation.

Hope was enjoying her new pen as well. She laid down and enjoyed a nice sunbath. Somebody needs to tell Woody that he shouldn’t spy on neighbours, especially while they are taking a sunbath.

Tawnee was heading to the vet today and realized she had better mail the Christmas cards. Oops, they may be a few days late, but hopefully your name was on one of the envelopes. We do not have the funds to send Christmas cards to each and every one of our donors, but know that you are truly a hero because every dollar really does help!

Speaking of mail, many thanks to Eileen for sending such a thoughtful box full of little baggies of Christmas gifts for the volunteers! We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your thoughtfulness.

When Tawnee got to the vet she checked to see how Trixie is doing. Trixie is doing great and will be spending one more day at the vet so we’ll have everything ready for her when she comes back to the rescue, hopefully tomorrow.

The sad part of the day came when it was time to say “Goodbye” to Kristi and the other horses in the clinic. Kristi enjoyed eating some beautiful green grass. It’s always so hard saying goodbye, but it is comforting to know that their suffering is over.

Being able to offer this service helps out so many horses when their bodies are not able to hold them up any longer. This mare’s knee is calcified and was causing her continual discomfort.

It’s Christmas time, and as such we want to leave you with a light-hearted video. One of our friends forwarded us a video entitled “How the Grinch Stole Equus which was quite funny and interesting, and it definitely reminds us that the American Mustangs are in real trouble. We also really liked “A Christmas Legend” video done by the same people. All their videos are really cute but this one is extra special. Click here to watch it. All you long ear lovers, this one is a must!

Many thanks to Susan S who donated in honor of Sarah D. Thank you so much!

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