We love every single face here at the rescue, each one so beautiful, so perfect, so lovable. Each one has their own special story, each one truly a gift.

This morning we had a new face at the rescue. Over the Holidays, sadly a local family was being evicted from their house (due to their landlord being foreclosed on) and could not take their miniatures with them. They had a miniature jenny, a miniature jack, and a miniature horse. The Jack was taken directly to the vet to be gelded. Some pre-approved adopters were interested in a miniature donkey, and as soon as they met Dottie (the miniature jenny) they fell in love and adopted her the very same day. Unfortunately the pictures are missing in action from the holidays, we will have pictures of the jenny and jack very soon!

While Jason and Tawnee were doing the morning chores…

…Miss Bea decided to be a helpful girl and spread the shavings too! Thanks for your help, it was greatly appreciated. Who knew that horses could volunteer too?

Some potential adopters came out to visit Spirit today. During the course of the visit he just had to lay down and roll around. Her farrier discovered that he may have had laminitis in the past which we will have checked out.

Brave Larry came out to the rescue today for the first time since his surgery. Jack, the ever watchful dog, immediately noticed that Larry could use some cheering up and put his head in his lap ever so gently. No Larry is not paralyzed. He will be up and walking very soon we hope.

Larry worked hard in the office all day, writing emails and answering phone messages. It is so amazing how much work he can get done! He is truly the most dedicated volunteer we have ever had. We always knew he was dedicated, but after writing emails in the hospital bed and answering phone messages in his power chair, wow!

Today was a very big day for the mares out on the pasture. First things first, the little trailer had to be unhooked. Then the big trailer was hooked up and Tawnee and April were off to the pasture.

It had been arranged to meet Mocha and Emily’s potential adopters, who had seen them last Sunday, out in the pasture.

It was their big day to be adopted and head off to their new home. Their new family absolutely loves them.

After Emily and Mocha were on their way to their home, Nutaka, Candy, and Amber, along with their babies, were led into a waiting pen.

Then, they were gently loaded into the great big trailer. The mommy’s were loaded first and then the babies were loaded into a separate compartment behind them. They have had a wonderful time in the pasture, but now it is time for education, the boys to visit the vet for their all important brain surgery, and to hopefully find loving homes soon.

Back at the rescue they were temporarily unloaded into the round pen to stretch their legs. The three little horses just were not sure about the new situation.

Some other visitors came to see the horses today as well. They really liked Tacoma, they really liked his sweet, loving personality.

After messing with him in the round pen, they liked him even more, but they are now faced with the decision of bringing a young horse into their family. So many people want horses that are already trained to ride, they often pass by the younger ones that so desperately need homes. We really appreciate people who take the time to at least consider adopting a horse that still needs some work.

After all the visitors were gone, it was time to build even more pens. This time they were built to house the mares and foals.

The babies followed right along as their moms were led to the pens. The babies really enjoy their pens, although no doubt they are missing the 10 acres. They are really adorable, that is a face that not just a mommy can love.

We’ve been working hard on getting all the horses out of the mud, but now the mud needed some help. A good layer of grass seed was spread about and hopefully it will turn into lovely green grass soon.

By the time Tawnee was done spreading the grass seed, it was very dark. Once Tawnee starts on a project, she just doesn’t like to stop.

There is some very troubling information regarding the BLM’s “management” of the wild horses and burros. The Animal Law Coalition has a great article on what is happening, click here to read it. Truly, it will be devastatin
g on a international level if the American Mustang no longer roams freely in the wild.

Many thanks to Dan S., Constance W., Susan S. for their extremely generous donations over the Holiday Season. There are only 4 more days to donate to claim your donation on your 2009 taxes!

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