With all the new pens that have been put up recently, our water troughs were getting to be in short supply. This morning after all the horses were fed, watered, and all the other chores were done, Jason headed in to town to do some banking and get some much needed supplies. Home Depot no doubt always loves seeing the rescue come to town.
Soon 9 new sparkling water troughs were purchased and loaded up. We are hoping these will last longer and not crack unlike the bright blue round water troughs we bought awhile ago. These feel tough and have a 750 lb weight rating.

Then Jason stopped at Tractor Supply to purchase some salt blocks. The horses always seem to love licking them right up.

Some previous adopters came out to visit Prince and Miss Bea today. Miss Bea was so happy to have someone visiting her she could hardly contain her enthusiasm.

Miss Bea and Prince were put into the round pen together. Prince just loved to hang out with Miss Bea, he followed her all around.

It really was love at first sight. Soon the adoption papers were signed and Prince and Miss Bea have a forever home!

Prince has a new best friend, it is so wonderful that the handsome Prince finally has a castle to call his own. Miss Bea was transported to her home today and transportation arrangements are being made for Prince.

After Prince and Miss Bea’s adoptive family left, Jason got right to work replacing the big feed buckets that had been used to hold water with the new water troughs. The horses really couldn’t care less what their water trough color is, as long as it has water in it!

August and Ethan, who up until yesterday have lived their entire lives on a pasture, are a little disappointed they are separated by a fence. They still rub noses and play through the panels, but it is definitely a time in their life when they need to get more used to people too.

We would like to thank the horse heroes who donated today: Jon & Carla G., Pamela N., Pamela J., Susan S. Thank you so much!

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