This morning right after the chores were done Jason and Tawnee were on the road once again. The first stop was the gas station to get some much needed diesel.

The rest of the horses at the Clint Ritchie estate were scheduled to be picked up today. Yesterday they emailed Kathleen asking if there was any snow. The response was “You’re in luck, there’s no snow.” Sure enough, not a single flake of snow could be found anywhere. The drive was a lot more pleasant, and safe, with no snow on the ground.

Soon they were pulling into the ranch. The fields of green grass were a very welcoming sight. The first time Jason and Tawnee went to the ranch, everything was green and beautiful, with horses in each pasture. Now there were only 3 horses, and they would soon be gone, leaving the ranch with no horses to enjoy the pastures.

Ace, Dun Deal and Little Red were waiting patiently in a large pen to be picked up.

First things first, the long backing job down the alleyway to the loading chute. It was a lot easier without snow, and with practice makes perfect, before long…

…all three were in the trailer…

…and the trailer was being pulled out. They were very good horses and hopped right into the trailer without a single fuss. As you can see in the picture, the truck and trailer are quite dirty. Washing the vehicles in the winter is an exercise in frustration, the very first time you drive out the dirt road when it’s wet, your vehicle looks like this.

Jason and Tawnee were then on the road to their next destination.

Two horses were being surrendered into the euthanasia clinic by their owner who was unable to care for them any longer. Their names are Noodle and Black Jack. They are both in their mid to late 20’s. Noodle was xrayed and diagnosed with navicular and Black Jack has stringhalt.

After Noodle and Black Jack were loaded, it was off to Chief’s adoptive home. Chief’s adopter really loved him, but he is just too big of a horse for her. She feels that he would really shine with a more advanced rider and that it is not fair to him to just sit in a pasture and not be used to his full potential.

Chief was a good boy and got right into the trailer too. He is a really nice boy and if you are looking for a big riding gelding, he might just be a good match for you! We always re-evaluate the horses when they come back to the rescue and will be updating you on his riding abilities soon.

After Chief was settled into the trailer it was time for the long drive back to the rescue. It started sprinkling rain on the way back, but everyone was so thankful it was not snow!

It was about dark time when the rescue rig finally pulled up.

The horses were so happy in their waiting stalls and pens and they’re all anxious to see what tomorrow will bring.

A huge thank you to Diane C, on behalf of Blossom, Willy and Justin, for her generous donation today to the general operating fund! We would also like to thank Anonymous and Gail G for their faithful monthly support. It is greatly appreciated.

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