We got a wonderful update from Travis’ mommy today. Along with the many wonderful pictures, they wrote: “Travis is wonderful! We love him dearly, he is such a great boy!” Thank you for sending so many wonderful pictures and for giving him such a great home.

After the chores were done and a business meeting, the rescue rig once again was on the road.

My Little Pony was going to her forever home today. She is such an adorable little horse, and so willing. When she first came to the rescue she was so shy of people, but thankfully she calmed right down and is such a lovely girl.

Since My Little Pony and Hope were being adopted into the same great home, we put them in a large pen together to get used to each other. That is all it took, and now they are inseparable best friends.

Their new home has lovely green grass, a large pasture, and a big family to give them lots of love. Hope loved to look around, soaking all the scenery in. You could easily tell she loved being at her new home.

Their new dad is just thrilled with the new additions to his family.

From Hope and My Little Pony’s new home it was on the road again to head to the next stop. This week has really been a traveling week!

Pistil was coming back to the rescue. She had an incredibly loving home, but she recently became unappreciative of her home. When her adopter first came to us, she was looking for a companion for her beautiful gelding. She adopted Pistil from us, who recently started attacking her boy! We will be evaluating Pistil to hopefully figure out what is going on. She may need a 1 horse home. Her adopter loved her dearly and was really sad to see her go.

Pistil made it back to the rescue without incident and unloaded into a waiting pen.

There is a really wonderful Ebay Giving Works item right now. 100% of the proceeds goes to the rescue! The t-shirts are in multiple sizes, about 50 are available. Great barn / working shirts! Click here to visit the listing. Great way to donate and get a free shirt.

Many thanks to Laurie for putting Chief into adoption pending. Hopefully he can go home soon!

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