This morning the rescue rig was still hooked up, ready to go. It was a little dirtier than the day before. It seems like every day it is driven somewhere helping horses in need.

We had gotten a call from Animal Control asking if we would take a stray horse that needed placement. Tawnee headed out to go evaluate the horse.

The horse is an Appy mare, about 10 years old, 15.3 hands, trained to ride, neck reigns, lifts up all 4 feet easily and loads / ties great. She has come into our adoption program so hopefully a home can be found for her soon. She is a really sweet girl just waiting for that perfect home. All adoptive families inquiring must be outside of Butte county.

Lassie arrived safely at the shelter and took in her surroundings.

She settled in nicely and is quite calm in her new surroundings, even with so many horses to meet. She really is a jewel.

As soon as Jewel was settled, Tawnee noticed that Dottie was laying down and had made herself quite dirty by rolling. Oh no, colic? Poor Dottie has never had colic before that we know of and wasn’t very happy with her situation. Tawnee got on the phone to call the vet. Of course after hours on new years eve isn’t the best time to get in touch with anyone, but we have always been able to get in touch with our vet office.

After being given some medication Dottie was soon in the trailer to be examined and given more medication.

Her heart rate is normal, there are a few gut sounds but not the normal amount. She does have a low fever too. She was loaded up with medications and she was brought back to the rescue for monitoring through the night.

Spanky, the miniature donkey who hasn’t been seen on the blog, has been at the vet to get gelded. He came in Christmas eve and was taken directly to the vet for his brain surgery. Many of you may remember Eeyore, this is Eeyore’s daddy. He has been gelded and will be coming to the shelter as soon as he feels better.

It was long after dark when Tawnee and Dottie were heading back to the rescue.

Dottie was happy to get out of the trailer and seemed to feel a little better.

As our vet always says, colic is a journey. A new years eve journey for Jason and Tawnee is spent with Dottie, making sure she is ok through the night.

Remember the Wild Horse Road Apples t-shirts for sale? We do understand that wearing a t-shirt with an expired website can be a drag, when someone asks about the website, you have to explain that it doesn’t exist anymore. Today the website (www.WildHorseRoadApples.com) was linked over to our website thanks to Bandit Blue donating the funds. By wearing these shirts you will actually be advertising the rescue in a weird sort of way. Remember, 100% of the funds goes to help the horses! Click here.

Many thanks to Suzanne F., Jean S for donating to both the Euthanasia clinic and the auction fund, and Catherine G for their generous donations today! We will start working on year end tax receipts this week and hopefully they will be emailed / sent out next week.
Happy New Year!

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