Happy New Year

The staff and volunteers wish you and your family a wonderful new year filled with joy and success. 2009 was a very challenging year for NorCal Equine Rescue, but at the same time, it was a very rewarding year. 309 horses came into our rescue thanks to your support.

We would like to share some highlights from the year. The highlights are in no particular order.

Many, many horses were adopted into very loving families just like this one!

Tens of thousands of dollars were spent seeking medical care for the horses that were rescued in 2009.

Jason, Tawnee and Deb assisted the Humane Society of the United States in one of the largest horse seizures in US history in Nebraska. Around 200 starving, emaciated horses, mostly mustangs, had to be transported to safety.

We were forced to involve the law in several instances this year when wrongdoing was being done towards the rescue and the horses in our care.

Phoenix, the most emaciated horses anyone at the rescue and vet office has seen that was still alive, was rescued and given the extensive medical care he needed. He is alive, happy, up to weight and will live at the rescue forever thanks to a very generous life sponsor.

Prince was born 30 days early, weighing only 30 lbs, with 30% chance of survival. He beat the odds and is healthy, happy and has been adopted.
Twiggy the pigeon came, stayed a few months, and headed on through his journey of life.

Hundreds of vehicles visited the rescue, some much more memorable than others.

Animal Control vehicles from many surrounding counties visited the rescue this year, bringing horses in need.

Neighbouring cows broke through the fence a dozen times or so.

This year saw the ending of Roseville Livestock Auction. No more will kb’s be able to congregate at that auction once a month to scoop of the cheap horses.

As the sun has set on 2009, we hope that 2010 will bring a rebound in the horse economy, a lesser need of horses being rescued and financial prosperity to our great country.

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