Some interesting facts and figures from last year to give us all a goal to surpass this year. 414 equines in total were given care by NorCal Equine Rescue in 2009. Of those, 103 were surrendered directly into the euthanasia clinic, but some of those were brought into the adoption program and found loving homes. We spent about $40,000 in vet care in 2009, out of about $180,000. This is a drop of 23% from last years donations. As the economy goes down, so do donations unfortunately. We have seen several other rescues have to close their doors in 2009, we are extremely thankful that due only to your support, we were able to help all 414 equines. In 2008 we helped 383 equines, this year we helped 8% more equines with 23% less budget. It is all about making each precious donated dollar really work! Once again we would like to send our true appreciation to each and every one of you that did what you could to help the horses: you are horse heroes!

We are all extremely thankful that Dottie is doing well once again. Tawnee spent all of new years night and morning up with her making sure she was ok. Tawnee only got 1 hour sleep that night. She has been a walking zombie since then, but Dottie sure isn’t! Dottie was running, jumping and leaping for joy today.

This morning we had a great group of volunteers that showed up early to help clean up for the busy day. We really appreciate their hard work and enthusiasm.

Woody’s mommy was anxiously waiting her application to be approved so she could come adopt her boy. Last week it was done so today as soon as the gate opened she was here to adopt her boy. He too, like Dottie, was feeling energetic.

He calmed down and they continued bonding. As you remember, her friend adopted Sadie and that is when they first fell in love. Woody was adopted today under our new adoption contract and was a very good boy and got right into the 2 horse straight trailer.

Jim and Donna from Home at Last brought down some extra feeders they do not need. We really appreciate their donations!

These are the first two horses of 2010. They were no longer able to stay with their owner. The buckskin, Jake, is extremely old and has crippling arthritis. The grey Arab, Dixey, is approximately 7 years old and is a mare. We will be evaluating her for adoptability very soon!

Jake has a hard time moving, each step brings misery and pain, you can see it in his eyes.

Poor Jake’s knee is very bad and very painful to the sweet boy.

They both enjoyed settling in and seeing their new surroundings from the safety of the round pen.

Linda has been gone on Christmas break, but she was back today and we really were glad to have the extra help. Linda and April started evaluating Lassie. April noticed something…

…a brand! April, Tawnee and Linda all started examining it, and they decided it looked just like Phoenix’s brand: Rolling A. They just couldn’t tell for sure though.

Tawnee got the shavers out and started clipping the hair. Since Lassie is a roan it was hard to see exactly what the brand was with her winter coat. Tawnee thought it would be crazy if this Appy came from the place our sweet Phoenix was bred.

Once the hair was removed it was unmistakable: Rollin’ A Ranch brand. This means that this Appalossa was a race horse and was bred at the same ranch Phoenix did. Tawnee checked her lip for a tattoo. She does have a tattoo and it is easy to read, so we will be finding out exactly who she is, hopefully. Lassie is in adoption pending and her new family is waiting eagerly for their application to be processed.

We had a terrible tragedy happen at the rescue today: the front wheel broke off of the 4 wheeler. This poor four wheeler is used multiple times every day feeding, watering, dragging panels, and all the other chores. Today it simply gave out and the axle broke. Linda and April were very thankful it didn’t happen while they were on it, they had used it just a few minutes before. Thankfully no one was hurt when it broke, but now it leaves the rescue without a 4 wheeler. This is the 3rd 4 wheeler that has been worked to death in the last 4 years.

One of these is in the wish list, they are only $10,000, or about $100 a month. What a great way to start the year this would be! If anyone has one of these sitting around they’re not using…
On the old 4 wheeler, the axle simply broke.

Linda continued evaluating horses throughout the afternoon. Trixie did fine being saddled, but she really doesn’t know what riding is. She has a very sweet and gentle personality and it will take the right person not to long at all to get her where she needs to be.

Linda also re-evaluated Chief. He
did great, he just needs someone who can spend some time in the round pen with him. He is still in adoption pending and his potential adopter is very excited to meet him.

Mustang roundups are still happening in Nevada. They are being held on private land to make it easier to keep the public away. There is a great article… “If ever there were a case of ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ then this is surely the premier example…” click here to read the rest.

Many thanks to Laura D., Cindy M., Cindy R., Dena L., Donna A. for their generous donations over the weekend! Your support is greatly appreciated.

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