The horses were very glad to be getting their breakfast this morning. They really don’t care how it gets into their feeders, they just want it there.

The horses did give Jason a few odd looks, but soon their encouraging whinnies were a welcome sound as Jason pushed the hay in the wheel barrow. Jason had to feed all the horses by pushing the hay up the hill. Almost all of the horses are way up the hill, you could easily tell someone was dreaming of a John Deere Gator…

Today was Prince’s day to go home. He has been here since April and we have all really grown to love the sweet boy. We are so thankful that he made it. He was a dirty boy because he likes playing piggy, but with the cold weather this morning, a bath was quickly ruled out. He will probably wait until spring.

Prince loaded up really well and soon Tawnee was saying “Goodbye.” Tawnee was the first person Prince had ever seen as he lay shivering on the shavings in his stall when he was born 30 days premature. Tawnee reminisced about his loading experiences in the past. He had the idea that since he was carried everywhere when he weighed 30 lbs, when he got bigger he still thought people would pick him up and put him in the trailer. It’s a bit harder when he weighs 250 lbs! He finally learned with some training that he is a horse and he does have to step up into the trailer himself. He will be really missed.

Jason headed out with Prince and Tawnee got to looking at our website. She wanted some upgrades done, she decided it looked too cluttery. First she started with the Available for Adoption page.

Our good friends and supporters at All Road Sat had recommended that we use Adopt a Pet. We thought about it in the past, but it seemed there were not quite the functions we needed.

Tawnee checked it out once again today, and they had some great new functions for 2010. All of the features that we need are implemented and there are some great new features that we didn’t know we needed ready for us to use.

Meanwhile, Jason and Prince arrived safely at Prince’s new home. They were so happy to get him home. He is going to be spoiled, loved and given wonderful training.

Bumble Bee, the 1,000th horse rescued by us, was happy to see another horse more her age. The idea is that Prince and Bumble Bee will become best buddies. The problem is, Tink has her own ideas. She believes that all white horses should stick together no matter what, and kept telling all the other horses to stay away from her white boy Prince. It was quite interesting to watch.

On the way back to the rescue Jason stopped at Tractor Supply to pick up the donation can that was waiting. It is so wonderful that they are willing to collect donations to help rescue horses!

Remember Tawnee was trying to fix up the adoption page? We now have an entirely new system running that we believe is much better. You can see the before picture below…

…and this is the new system powered by Adopt a Pet. This gives a lot more features such as sharing the horses on your Facebook and Twitter, automatically uploading to many adoption sights, donating directly through Paypal from off of the horses page, showing which horses are best friends with the other horses, etc. This is the list of horses that are available, when a horse goes into adoption pending it will go off the list until it becomes adopted or becomes available again. Click here to visit the new Available page.

Another really neat feature they have to help increase adoptions is a Widget box that can be placed on anyone’s website that shows the currently available horses. It is automatically updated, all you need to do is place it on your website to help spread the word. Click here for the html for putting this wonderful widget into your website!

Jason got back to the rescue from delivering Prince shortly after dark, and right before some of our best friends: the hay guys! They knew we needed some hay soon. They have been busy over the holidays, and one of them had a new baby born recently, but they were out delivering hay this evening. Thank you guys so much! Congratulations on your new bundle of joy, he’s going to keep you busy!

The Wild Horse Road Apples shirts are on the blog yet once again. Their price is now $3.95, 100% goes to help the horses. Surely you can afford a few interesting looking work shirts! Everyone needs a shirt they’re not sure when they are supposed to wear, there are a lot of them available, we would love to get a wonderful donation while you get a nice shirt! Click here for the listing.

Many thanks to all of our wonderful friends and supporters. One of our goals for 2010 is to develop a strong social networking presence on Twitter and Facebook. Our Facebook page is: www.Facebook.com/NorCalEquineRescue and our Twitter account is: www.Twitter.com/SaveTheHorse We would love to have you follow us!

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