Our good friends and supporters at Rosie’s Remedies have launch a new fundraiser for us, and they want your help. For every website that links to Rosie’s Remedies, they will donate $20 to us, up to $1,000. All you have to do to get $20 donated is click here, figure out which banner / text ad you would like on your website, and email us the url for verification. Rosie’s Remedies will then donate $20 to help feed a horse at the rescue! What easier, free way is there to donate $20 to the rescue? Let’s make Rosie’s Remedies pay for some hay!

We got a wonderful update on Kramer today. “Kramer is doing awesome! I don’t think he quite knows he is a cop yet, but he sure loves all the attention he gets from the people. I can not thank you enough for him.” Kramer now has his own special page on the City of Eureka website. It has some information and some wonderful pictures. Click here to view the page.

We would like to introduce you to a couple new faces that we are hoping will become familiar faces. These two young ladies agreed to help promote horse adoptions by lending their acting talent to produce horse promotion videos for the available horses. We are hoping to have filming sessions once a month or so. They wish their real name to remain anonymous to the public at this time, but their acting names are Prissy, front, and Fluffy, rear. We really hope that their talent will help horses find homes that would not have found a home otherwise.

Early this afternoon they arrived and got to work while the video camera rolled. Trixie was a good girl and enjoyed her TV time too. There was one particular horse that was not so grateful

The horses were all so curious on what Jason was doing. Who were the two new ladies at the rescue that liked talking about them and giving them treats? It was a very confusing day no doubt for the horses.

All the horses watched with amazement.

Horse after horse had its promotional video shot. Fluffy and Prissy really got the hang of it after awhile and were able to make the dialog work within a take or two. They really did a good job making the videos fun and entertaining!

One of the horses that was not grateful was Spike. When Fluffy ran out of treats, he attacked her! It’s like a bad pet promotion video where the animal goes crazy and attacks its handler, but it was happening here! Thankfully Fluffy was not hurt, and after some time out and work with other horses, they did a promotion video for Spike. For some reason they didn’t stand so close for round two. Click here to watch the Youtube of Spike attacking Fluffy. We believe that when Fluffy ran out of treats, Spike became agitated and since Tacoma was close to him, he may have thought he was lashing out at Tacoma instead of Fluffy. Whatever the case, he was not being a good boy. In the future we will do our best to mitigate such potentially dangerous situations.

Hopefully soon every horse’s page will have a link to their Youtube adoption film. For example, Blaze has a TV in the left hand side of his page, click on the TV to be redirected to his promotional video. You can also visit our Youtube channel to see all the horse adoption promo videos, click here. One of our goals for 2010 is to increase adoptions of horses from the rescue through the use of social networking and videos.

We would like to mention our Low Cost Gelding program. We have been passing out certificates to those who cannot afford the $500 – $600 to have their stallion gelded. This program makes it where these owners only have to pay $25 – $75 for a normal gelding operation. This is a huge difference, and owners are willing to drive long distances just to get their boys gelded. Without this option, they would not be able to geld their horse and he would remain a stallion.
We have given out all the certificates that we have raised money for, and now we need additional donations to be able to issue new certificates. Our goal for 2010 is to raise the funds to geld 40 stallions. That is a lot of horses, but the needed funds is only $3012 to meet our goal of $5,000. With your help we know this can happen! Please share this need on to all of your friends on Facebook and Twitter. This fundraiser needs to be wrapped up, the program cuts the problem of unwanted horses right at the source. Please consider donating today! Click here.

Many thanks to Pamela M., Teresa L., Gail G., Sandra A for their generous donations today! And many thanks to those people who bought the 10 Road Apple t-shirts. Almost $40 will be on its way to the rescue very soon.

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