We have some bad news. Remember the wheel broke off the ATV that was used everyday to feed and all the other chores? The ATV is in the shop and they called today. The repair is going to cost significantly more than we were hoping and it will be in the shop for quite awhile. That means a lot of hay is going to be fed using just a wheelbarrow OR we can get a permanent solution. We believe that a permanent solution is much better, especially as the rescue grows each year. The rescue has seen 3 ATV’s bite the dust in the last several years. They just can’t handle the hard work they are put through 7 days a week. So, we are looking into getting a hay wagon to help feed our horses.

We need your help! If you donate less than 17 cents a day, the permanent solution will become reality! That is only $5 a month! We only need 30 sponsors who are willing to donate $5 a month to purchase a Hay Wagon that is made for hauling hay, mountains of manure, and all the other chores that are done on a daily basis. Only $5 a month. We are asking for you, our supporters and friends, to step forward and make this happen. Sponsors names or business name will be listed on the website AND on the Hay Wagon if you wish. Click here to become a Hay Wagon sponsor. If you wish to sponsor more than $5 a month for this cause, please let us know. Click here to be taken to the Hay Wagon page. The euthanasia fundraiser was already completed for January, so it has been taken off the current needs list to make room for this current need.

The horses don’t care how the hay gets to them, they just want it! They do get impatient wondering why it takes longer these days. It’s a lot of hay to be pushed around everyday.

We have finally found out Lassie’s registration information. She is the mare who came to us from Animal Control and she has the Rolling A brand on her. Her registered name is: Does She. What kind of a name is that? Lassie sounds much nicer!

She was born April 14th, 1997. She has won $23,334 in racing. Her mother was a TB and her sire is the great Geneo JJ, an Appaloosa. He won over $3,000,000 racing. It was wonderful she was so easy to track down. We just wish Phoenix’s tattoo was readable so we could find out who he is too.
After Jason was done feeding with the wheel barrow, he headed off to a meeting. First stop was the Post Office. Jason and Tawnee are responsible for picking up the rescue’s mail. There had been an oversized package notification in the box for some time now, but every time they got to town the service counter was closed. Today, though, it was open and the stack of boxes was loaded into the rescue rig.

Jason attended the quarterly meeting for the North Valley Community Foundation. It was an informative meeting about attracting, nurturing and maintaining major donors. The Hay Wagon does not require any major donors, everyone can donate $5 a month, right?

On the way back to the rescue Jason picked up Spankey, the cute miniature donkey who was at the vet to be gelded. He is a real sweety that is now available for adoption. He is friendly, cute and looking for a great home, maybe yours? He is so short, at the vet they removed some of the wood panels from his stall door so he would be able to look out. Normal horses just look through the bars that are far above eye level for this little guy.

When Jason got back to the rescue Spankey settled in for the night and then it was time to unload all the boxes to see what could possibly be inside. Tawnee was so excited to see inside she said it was like Christmas all over again.

One of the items in the box is a beautiful Native Arabian Show saddle with matching costume. It’s really beautiful! This would look absolutely stunning on an Arab and it is in wonderful condition.

The boxes seemed endless with all their surprises and the items just kept coming and coming and coming. The note said: “Please use these items to help the horses. Sincerely, Melissa M.” Thank you so much for your generosity!

While Tawnee was unpacking the boxes she kept thinking the name looked familiar. She finally decided that it was a previous adopter who adopted a little pony named Sunny Boy about 1,000 horses ago. A quick check of the records and sure enough, she was right. Melissa had adopted Sunny boy back in 2005. He was 37 years old, and he passed away a couple years ago. He was very well loved and cared for and had a great home! Thank you Melissa for opening your heart for such a sweet old boy, and giving him a home just so he knew he was greatly loved.

We are really enjoying Adopt a Pet. One of the neat features is you can be automatically emailed when we upload a horse onto Adopt a Pet. Just click here, ent
er your email, and you’ll know whenever we put a new equine on the Adopt a Pet network. This will be another way if you are looking for an equine friend to know when he or she becomes available. Click here.

We haven’t heard that anyone has linked to Rosie’s Remedies yet. Please link to Rosie’s Remedies and let us know. Every website or blog that links to Rosie’s Remedies brings in the funds to feed a rescued horse for 2 weeks. Please help feed the horses by linking to Rosie’s Remedies! Click here.
Many thanks to Lorna D., Jeane N., Elizabeth F., Rebecca O., Chris H., Yvonne P., Patricia F. for donating today! Your support is absolutely vital, please consider again donating on a monthly basis to the hay wagon, click here.

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