Wow, we do not know how to express our gratitude. We knew we could count on you for support when we needed it, but again, wow! In about 14 hours from when yesterdays blog was posted all of the sponsorships needed for the Hay Wagon were filled! Once again, thank you all for your help, support, dedication, and for spreading the word by email, Twitter and Facebook. We made contact with the local John Deere dealership, and it is in the works. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

In the last blog we asked you to please post a link on your blog and website to Rosie’s Remedies. They are donating the funds to feed a rescued horse for 2 weeks for every link. So far, thanks to you, they have donated the funds to feed 10 rescued horses for 2 weeks. On our homepage you will find a special announcement about the program, you can find out all about the program by clicking here.

We would like to thank all those that have helped out the horses today. On the programs page those that have linked to Rosie’s Remedies have a special thanks with thumbnails that link to their blog / website. By doing this, you are also increasing traffic to your website! It’s a win-win situation for everyone and especially for the horses.

This morning it was neat to hear the sound of little Spankey braying. It has been awhile since there has been a donkey at the rescue, Spankey’s friend Dottie was adopted so fast we hardly had a chance to hear her bray. Tawnee went out this morning to try and get some more pictures of him. She reports that he is very hard to get pictures of because he is so friendly and wants to be close to you. She says he has the cutest little donkey ears she has ever seen.

If you are wanting to adopt this fun little guy, click here to put a hold on him. The first person that places a hold on him that is a good match and becomes approved to adopt will have first rights to adopt. All other holds can be refunded or considered a donation to help the horses.

We received a call yesterday about a horse that desperately needed a place to go. He was pretty much homeless and was shuffled around. He was shuffled here, there, and everywhere, until there were no other places for him to be shuffled to. Tawnee headed out with the trailer this morning ready to bring him to the rescue.

Tawnee’s face lit up when she saw that the road has been graded once again. Way to go Butte County Public Works!

It was sprinkling this morning and fog hung in the air.

Tawnee put the address into the GPS, but chose to ignore it because she thought she knew a better way to get there. Pretty soon she ended up on a dead end gravel road. Lost. She had to check the backup the paper directions, then call the office for help.

She got turned around, and followed the GPS. She finally got to the road she was supposed to turn on in the first place.

A train was going across the tracks when she pulled up and there were a bunch of workers there. After the train left, the crossing guards refused to go up. Finally one of the workers went over and held it up so Tawnee could go under.

She finally arrived at the destination and found good old Trooper. She haltered him up without a hitch. He was a little shy but not bad. She was standing there holding the rope getting ready to lead him out of his stall when he abruptly turned and headed towards his paddock. Tawnee tried to pull him back, but ended up almost landing in his water trough instead. She ended up with a new bruise out of the encounter…

…but she didn’t get wet and soon Trooper was in the trailer.

Thankfully the railroad workers had gotten the crossing guards fixed and there was no delay there.

Tawnee followed the GPS back to the rescue, which was a much better idea than thinking she knew better. Trooper looked out of the trailer at his new surroundings.

Trooper is a big beautiful boy. We are told that he is trained to ride, neck reigns, and has just been sitting for awhile.

Trooper of course enjoyed a nice roll in the sandy round pen. He enjoyed it a lot even though the sand is a little damp.

Trooper is one of 4 available Appalossa’s at the rescue. Where are all the Appy fans? 3 of the Appy’s look real similar, but thankfully Trooper has a real distinct pattern.

When Tawnee got back it was scheduled for Jason to pick up a Mustang this afternoon. Tawnee called to confirm, and during the course of the conversation, asked if the owner has the Mustang’s title. Unfortunately, he does not, and Mustang’s must have their title in hand before being sold or transferred. Now the owner is working with BLM to get the title. Once the title is worked out, you should see this beautiful face at the rescue.

You never know how the rescue life is going to go. You may think you’re done for the day, but you should never think that… We got a call from a concerned lady who was worried about 2 horses she had seen on Craigslist. She knew the horses and were afraid they would end up in a very bad situation. She asked if we could take the horses into our euthanasia clinic a little early and we agreed. The horses had to be off the property by midnight tonight, so she headed off to pick them up and soon she had not two, but three horses in her care. It is planned that they are going to be brought to the rescue tomorrow.
This is an older TB mare.

This is her knee, she has terrible calcification and we are told she has a lot of trouble with it.

This is a grey mare who was hard to catch. This mare was not in the Craigslist ad.
Her hooves are in terrible condition.

This is a pony mare. We are hoping that after evaluation she can come into our adoption program. We are told she is very sweet.

Her hooves too are in terrible condition and are supposed to look even worse in person.

Many thanks to all of your donations and sponsorships today! And thank you for making the hay wagon possible! Michael B. – Tabitha T. – Rhonda L. – Bandit BlueShow Dressed Up – Yvonne W. – Josh W. – Susan P. – Lance A. – Katie G. – Heidi J. – Carla G. – Sea Horse Training – Cindy M. – Select Enterprises – Stacey H. – Suzanne M. – Marilyn R. – Norma C. – Carla G. – Anonymous all donated today! Thank you all so much again!

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