This blog starts Friday morning early. Get your popcorn, coffee, nighttime tea, whatever you need to make it all the way through a long blog. Life is really busy at the rescue, you can be thankful you didn’t have to do all the work, though it might make you tired just reading it…
Friday’s are generally a day off at the rescue, but it seems so many times the horses do not make that possible. Tawnee had a meeting with a Realtor who had a property that was foreclosed on, and when the previous owners were evicted a horse was left behind. Tawnee was under the impression that the horse was friendly and halter trained. So, the rescue rig was hooked up and she was off.

We are so thrilled with Butte County Public Works right now, they smoothed out the road yet again! Thank you, thank you thank you.

When Tawnee arrived she found a big Chestnut horse that was running loose on a 30 acre olive grove. Tawnee spied the ever familiar BLM brand and realized it was a Mustang. She hoped it was a friendly Mustang she could simply walk up to, halter, and load into the trailer. That was not the case at all. Olive (the horse) does not have a title, but after discussing the issue with the BLM it was decided that since she was abandoned she could come to the rescue and then the paperwork would catch up with her.

Due to Tawnee’s schedule, she didn’t expect to be dealing with a seemingly untouchable Mustang, so other arrangements had to be made for the 3 horses coming in off the Craigslist ad. A quick call to the vet to see if they could stay there, and they were re-routed to the vet’s office. They arrived at the vet office and she did an initial evaluation of each horse and emailed us her report and pictures.
This is a TB mare, she is not sound and is under weight.

This is an older pony who is cute, but is not sound. Her hooves are in terrible condition along with…

…a huge calcification in her knee. Poor little girl!

And lastly a grey that seems to be sound despite having terribly long hooves. We will be doing further evaluations on all three.

Meanwhile, back at the olive orchard, Tawnee had 3 panels, the only 3 unused panels at the rescue, and she thought if she set them up just right she could get Olive into the trailer. But Olive had other plans. Upon seeing what Tawnee wanted to do, Olive easily hopped the 4′ fence and headed off into another part of the olive orchard. Tawnee realized this was a much bigger job than she could handle, for the first time ever she had to leave a horse behind and make other arrangements. It was hard letting her untarnished record be broken, but this clearly was not the job for 1 person with only 3 panels.

All the panels at the rescue are made into large individual pens for the horses. 3 panels are kept on the trailer for loading assistance, but we really needed many more than that. A huge “Thank You!” to Rosie’s Remedies for stepping forward and providing the funds needed to purchase an additional 11 panels for the rescue. Thanks to your links to Rosie’s Remedies, they have also donated $300 to help feed the horses. They have asked that to show your gratitude for their support of rescuing Olive, you consider placing a link to Rosie’s Remedies on your blog or website. They will continue to donate $20 to feed the horses for every link, click here for more information.

Thanks to Rosie’s Remedies, Tawnee headed to the local Tractor Supply to buy the needed panels. Tawnee typically doesn’t like shopping, she says it makes her feet tired, but when it comes to panels, she really perks up and enjoys it.

The forklift wheeled out a huge stack of panels. Not all of them for us, but it sure would have been nice.

Soon all the fancy panels were stacked neatly in the trailer. A huge Thank You once again to Rosie’s Remedies for making this possible.

It started to rain, and being that Tawnee almost got stuck at the olive orchard, the rescue of Olive was called off for another day. Olive had plenty of green grass to eat and a creek to drink from.

Sunday morning –

We are excited that the days are counting down for feeding with the wheelbarrow thanks to your monthly Hay Wagon sponsorships! The horses don’t care how it gets there, but the Hay Wagon will sure make it more comfortable for the people get the job done faster.

Linda was out working with the horses today. She evaluated Trooper and the great news is, he is trained to ride. After his evaluation he was put in a stall next to a mare and he tried to mount her over the panels. Not good at all, it seems he is proud cut. He would be fine in a one horse home with an experienced horse owner. He unexpectedly spooks over almost anything. He is a really beautiful boy, that is for sure.

Once the volunteers were settled in and the urgent chores were done, Jason, Tawnee, the trailer and all the panels inside headed out to hopefully rescue Olive. Ja
son and Tawnee say: “It is so wonderful having volunteers that when you drive away from the rescue on what could be a busy Sunday, you know everything will be alright. We would like to thank all of our volunteers for their dedication and hard work.”

At the property Tawnee opened the Realtor lock box and unlocked the gate. Friday Tawnee had made arrangements with the Realtor to come try and rescue Olive at a later date. The Realtor realized it could be a lengthy process.

First things first, Olive was located, the trailer was backed up to the right spot, and the panels were set up in a large chute that they hoped Olive would be comfortable walking into.

Back at the rescue, Linda and April showed horses to potential adopters. Larry did phone calls and email messages. We are happy to report that he is doing well after his surgery and is recovering.

Petie’s old mommy came by the rescue today. She had been raising money to pay for a new Mini-Ramp for Macho Man’s mini-van, and also donated some items to raise funds for the horses. Thank you so much!

Out at the Olive orchard with Olive, the pen with the chute was finally set up. It had a 24′ opening, which led into a large pen, and from there it narrowed down into the trailer. Lots of senior feed to entice the wily girl.

Olive went in and out, in and out, in and out seemingly innumerable times. Each time she was a little more comfortable. They wanted her to feel at ease so when they did close the panels she would not jump over them or hurt herself trying to bash through them.

Finally the moment came and with one quick, smooth action on both sides the opening went from 24′ to 0′ faster than Olive could figure out what was going on and run out.

Poor girl, she was really confused. Tawnee spent more time with her, and soon was able to get a halter and lead on her. Turns out she is halter trained, loaded nicely, she is just really wily to catch on 30 acres. Once again we would like to thank Rosie’s Remedies for the panel donation, there is no way we could have caught her without a lot of stress, a high potential for injury, and quite possibly the tranquilizer gun.

With Olive safely inside the trailer, there were a lot of panels on the outside of the trailer. Jason and Tawnee put more panels on the outside of the trailer then ever before.

Olive arrived safely at the rescue and was a good girl unloading. She is a little unsure, but with all the bonding time she and Tawnee spent this morning, she feels pretty safe with Tawnee around.

Olive is settled into her stall next to Dun Deal, another BLM Mustang. No doubt tonight they will be sharing stories and reminiscing about running on the open range before they were rounded up and adopted out through the BLM.

Today’s Ebay Giving Works item is a beautiful English Saddle Courbette Fels Bach Husar AG 17 saddle. 10% of the selling price is donated to help the rescue! Click here to view the item.

Many thanks to Sara H., Lance A., Anonymous in memory of Rose and Django, William E., Flying Ping Antique and Collectibles. And a big Thank You to Tracy C for putting Spankey into adoption pending. Hopefully the wonderful little guy can go home soon!

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