It’s time to reminisce back to 2008 for a little bit. On August 10th, 2008 our blog read:

“The killer buyers this month were unfortunately able to take some horses out to their trailers. One of them was this beautiful 4 year old TB gelding that Ronny ran through the auction, but the reserve was at the meat price. This TB has only been off the race track for 3 or 4 weeks. It was breaking Tawnee’s heart seeing these horses being loaded to their death, so she mustered up her courage and headed over and bought the horse pictured below from Ronny Biggons. This lucky horse will not be facing the horrible fate of brutal slaughter thanks to supporters like you.”

Today Durham is as gorgeous as ever, and is truly enjoying his life with his wonderful adoptive mommy. She recently sent us this photo of Durham. What a looker!

Back to reminiscing on October 12th, 2008. “After the auction Tawnee was looking around trying to see if any of the kb’s were loading up horses, and the only one she could spot was this great big off the track TB. With a little bargaining with the kb, this big guy was unloaded from the kb’s trailer into the safety of Norcal’s trailer. Yes that horse really does have 3 saddles on its back. Several of the regular kb’s did not attend today, they must have decided they did not want to drive that long distance just to drive home with empty trailers! Score one for the rescues! As best as we could tell not 1 horse went to a kb today. Horses traders purchased a few, but the known kb’s did not purchase any.”
This guy is also doing great and living a wonderful life thanks to his adoptive mommy. Both of the above horses came from the same KB, this one was named Crusoe. After he was adopted we found out more information about him and you can read about it by clicking here.
Both these beautiful boys are enjoying a wonderful life together in Missouri with their other horse friends. They were both off the track, both ran through the same livestock auction, and both purchased from the same KB after the auction. It is so wonderful they are living their lives together. Thanks so much for the update on these boys, we love getting pictures of our adopted horses!

This morning was a flurry of activity, with Jason doing the outside chores while Tawnee did urgent office work and a phone interview. We are sad to report that the goat didn’t make it through the night and died peacefully in her sleep while under sedation. What horrible people inhabit the world that would dump a goat so emaciated and ill at the auction that she couldn’t even hang onto life for 12 hours.
We got a call from Rosie’s Remedies reminding us that the deadline for the feed donation offer is ending next Sunday night at midnight. Thanks to you, $340 of the $1,000 has been donated, but that leaves $660 unclaimed funds that would feed a lot of hungry rescued horses a long time with! You can help, it’s easy and it’s free, click here for more information.

Once the chores and office work was done Jason and Tawnee had a lunch meeting that they had to attend to discuss hopefully upcoming huge news. They are happy to report that new gravel has been spread on parts of the road, thanks to Butte County Public Works getting it done.

After the lunch meeting, they headed to their next stop. It seems that one of our blog readers works for a local John Deere dealership chain, and they have a Gator that they want to make us a great deal on. They went and looked at it, it looks great, just need to get everyone together to iron out the price and the financing. Hopefully soon this rig will be hauling hay at the rescue, thanks to all of your support.

We are very excited that soon the names of those that became monthly sponsors will be decorating the sides of the Gator. We are truly grateful for your continued support of the rescue.

There are many wonderful items on Ebay Giving works supporting the rescue. We have chosen a fun one for this blog, a Nintendo DS Lite with Extras. It is currently at $52 with 30% coming to the rescue! It has 5 bids, so keep a close eye on it. Click here for the auction listing.

After this blog, if you are on our email list, you will receive a separate email that you can just hit “Forward” and send it to your friends and family, asking them to help feed a rescue horse for 2 weeks, for free. If you are not on our email list, please click here for a template, copy/paste and send it to your friends! This is a great way to help support the horses, for free.

Many thanks to Gail G., Cathie E., Rocking Z Stables, Tabitha T. to
help the goat, thank you, your donation helped to cover her purchase price and the cost of medication to make her last hours alive comfortable and pain free.

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