This morning, amazingly enough, our seasonal creek was flowing! Last night we got a good hard rain, and this morning for the first time this year, the little dry creek bed had water flowing down it. It’s nice to know that at least it has rained enough this winter to make the creek flow a bit.
Today Dottie had a great big adventure. She had an appointment at the vet.

April, Linda and a volunteer came out today to help out as much as possible. The farrier was scheduled to come out, and Tawnee had to be at the vet all day long.

The farrier worked really hard, and in the end 19 equines got their feet done. When it was Spanky’s turn, he decided the best way to not have his back hooves messed with was to just sit down. He sure was cute sitting there, it would have been nicer if he had been a perfect gentleman and held his precious little hooves in the air to get trimmed though.

Today a couple horses had been scheduled to come to an early euthanasia clinic to relieve their extreme suffering. Last months euthanasia clinic was held shortly before Christmas, and most of the people scheduled for that clinic did not actually bring their horse. By the end of the clinic today, 10 horses had showed up, 2 of which we believe are adoptable after evaluation by our vet and staff, and they came into the adoption program. This used up all of the euthanasia clinic funds scheduled for the main euthanasia clinic on January 27th.
This poor mare was severely foundered Tawnee was told. When Tawnee saw her hooves, she had never seen such a bad case…

The poor mare was literally standing on nothing. Her hooves were deformed and twisted. Tawnee knew there was no preventing excruciating agony and that the last gift of kindness would be the only merciful thing to do.

Xrays were taken to document just how severely foundered she was.

It is just really sad to see a horse with this bad of feet. Each step caused her severe pain, even just standing she would shift her weight back and forth, trying to relieve her suffering.

The x-rays were very definitive: her coffin bone was over 95% rotated and the end of her coffin bone was deteriorating to nothing. For those that do not understand the xray, her internal bones were all messed up and she was forced to stand on her tippy toes 24/7 is about the simplest way to explain it.

An older horse came into the clinic, his body riddled with cancer and he also had cushings. His quality of life was gone, but his companion was an adorable 1.5 year old mini filly named Baby, seen below.

Both of her front hooves are clubfooted, with contracted tendons. This is the same condition that Macho Man, our mascot, had in one of his front legs. He had the surgery and is now living a pain free and happy life. This little girl wants to grow up and live to her full potential too, without this devastating health condition. We have an estimate from the vet for how much the surgery will cost to correct her front legs, and we are told it will be right about $1,000. We need your help to help Baby!

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