We would like to invite you to join us on the 21st in Sacramento for a protest. This peaceful protest on behalf of America’s wild horses and burros is part of a grassroots nationwide campaign that includes The Cloud Foundation and In Defense Of Animals who are sponsoring this event. It is one of several protests that are taking place across the country and internationally to protest the U.S. government’s destructive wild horse and burro policy.

Date: Thursday, Jan. 21, 2010 Rain or Shine

Time: 11 AM – 1 PM, Press Conference at Noon

Place: State Capitol, 10th Street between L and N

We have been excitedly waiting until we could tell you all about this event. We were contacted about participating in this last week, and were given a list of possible dates. We told them the 21st would work best for us, and we are excited that we will be able to participate. Macho Man is planning on getting his tennis shoes on and be there as well, letting lawmakers know that he does not approve of his extended relatives (even though they are quite a bit taller) being rounded up and held in massive holding facilities. Plan on being there! Thursday Jan 21st.

Today we were featured on the Martha Stewart blog, The Daily Wag. It is a very nice article and we really enjoyed it. Thank you so much Pia for writing the article! Click here to view it.

We are excited to report that there are 33 sites and blogs that we have confirmed as linking to Rosie’s Remedies, that will feed 33 rescued horses for 2 weeks! There are $340 worth of donations, that is only 17 more sites and blogs that need to link so we can get the full $1,000 for hay. Please click here for more information on how you can help for free.

Back to the continuation of yesterdays blog. Dottie was at the vet to get her teethe done. She was due for a good float job.

She is only 5 years old, but the vet says she will be in the dentist chair a lot. As you can see, her bottom teeth are growing up and over her top teeth and we might need to get financial help for dental implants.

Dr Weaver got to work. Dottie wasn’t too sure what to think. She was sedated, but you could still see that she was pondering her situation.

Her dental was soon done and Dottie won’t have to be embarrassed to smile anymore. Her teethe look great! She might want to try a whitening toothpaste sometime though…

Dottie was still a little sedated after her dental and she was placed in a nice stall so she could slowly come around from the sedation.
The three horses that came in off the Craigslist ad were evaluated. The older Thoroughbred mare with the calcified knee had a poor quality of life and was given the last act of kindness. Her best buddy, the pony, was examined and we were told she was 25 years old, had large calcification in her knee, she had ringbone and stringhalt! Poor girl. They both passed on gently and their pain and suffering is over. Snowlake, pictured below, has terribly overgrown feet, but she is sound and has a good quality of life so she will be coming into our adoption program shortly.

Her feet are in really bad shape, poor girl, she missed out on the farrier being at the rescue, but we are going to get her feet done as soon as possible.

A 6 month old filly was surrendered to the rescue who’s owner was no longer able to keep her. She is really adorable and has had a lot of one on one time.
When night was beginning to fall, the filly, named Marti, and the mini, Baby, with the contracted tendons were all snuggled up ready to get some good sleep. It was decided to leave them in the same stall since they snuggled up so nicely. They spent last night together at the vet.
This morning, Tawnee headed back to the vet.
Marti and Baby are so adorable, they both peeked out of their stall and said “Hello!”

So far we have gotten 203 new followers on Twitter, which means that $203 has been donated to help pay for Baby’s surgery. For every new follower we get on Twitter, All Road Sat will donate $1 towards the surgery, up to $1,000. Please follow us on Twitter (@SaveTheHorse) and help spread the word!

Since we have raised some of the needed funds, we felt we should not delay Baby’s surgery anymore than necessary. Her surgery is scheduled for the 19th.
Her hooves were documented today for the before/after pictures. It is so awesome to be able to give this girl a wonderful gift, the vets says she can be happy into her 30’s.

She was brought up to date on her vaccinations. She was a good girl through it all. Wide eyed and curious!
Then her hooves were xrayed.

The xrays showed the severity of her contracted tendons. The vet says that left untreated, her condition would worsen and arthritis would start affecting her joints. Since she is getting the help she needs while she is so young (she is 1.5 years old) she should have no negative long term affects.
When all the needed vet appointments were done, it was time for Dottie to get into the great big trailer for the ride back to the rescue where Macho Man was waiting for her.
Marti also came to the rescue and Snowflake is here as well.

While Tawnee has been at the vet, she has noticed a 12 week old kitten at the vet that needs a home. Her name is Torty. She is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, dewormed and has a clean bill of health, she just needs a home. She is really adorable. If you are interested in adopting her, please call Look Ahead: 530-534-0722. They are looking for a family where she can live inside.

Many thanks to Erin M. for giving up a weeks worth of coffee to help the horses! And thanks also to Donna A., Kristi S for donating to Baby’s surgery, Scott D., Natalie K. for their generous donations today.

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