The rescue is typically closed on Friday and we feature a Rescue Story, but today was a little different. An approved adopter had an appointment to come visit Dun Deal to see if they clicked, and she wanted to make it before the weather got bad. After spending an hour or so with Dun Deal, the falling in love was a done deal and the adoption paperwork was signed. We are so excited that Dun Deal was adopted and is going to such a great home with the experience to train her right! She’ll also live with another BLM Mustang so she will have a buddy to share stories of the open range with.

Early this afternoon the paperwork was all in order so Jason and Tawnee headed out to Valley Tractor in Gridley to pick up the Hay Wagon.

They had been prepping the little Gator in the back and the first glimpse they had was of the gator coming around the corner.

After the paperwork was signed, Jason drove it up the ramps and into the trailer. Tawnee was amazed how easily it went in, she said it loaded up easier than most horses.

Back at the rescue, they just couldn’t wait to shovel some poop into the dumping bed.

And then, out it went where it belongs. So much easier than moving it in a wheelbarrow! It would have taken about 4 full wheelbarrow loads to move that manure, and probably an hour. Instead it took 5 minutes. Thank you for making the rescue’s chores easier!

Then they test drove the hay part of the Hay Wagon. It easily holds 2 bales side by side, and two more could be stacked on top, and with a bed weight rating of 900 lbs, it could hold 8 bales if you stacked them high enough. No need to do that though, but nice to know you could.

The horses were so excited to see the hay coming on the new Hay Wagon. They’ll have to get used to the sound of it, soon they will whinney with glee whenever it starts up.

A huge “Thank You!” to all the monthly Hay Wagon Sponsors for making this possible! This machine will be used to feed thousands of rescued horses, move mountains of manure, all because you were willing to step up and donate $5 a month. We would also like to thank the American Quarter Horse Association for donating $300 to help by the Hay Wagon.

There are a couple items on the Ebay Giving Works page that could really use some more bids! They are going off soon, so please bid on them if you are interested in a new saddle.
The first is a stunning saddle, Moll, German made, 18 seat. Click here.
The second is a Courbette Fels Bach Husar AG 17 English Saddle. Click here.
What a great day, Dun Deal was adopted and the Hay Wagon made it to the rescue. Have a great weekend!

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