We hope to see all of you in 4 days at the state capital. Obama stepped forward to put a stop to the slaughter of downer cows, he can just as easily step up for the Mustangs. We need to show our president that the people of America want the Mustangs to run free. We must all ban together for those that have no voice. We really hope to see you there. If you are planning on coming, please let us know. Please join us at this protest for the Mustangs on January 21st from 11:00 – 1:00 at the Ca State Capital.

We are always amazed at your enthusiasm and support when it comes to fundraisers, especially free fundraisers. As the economy goes down, we are so thankful that companies are stepping forward to make it possible for you to support the horses for free in these tough times.

There are only 6 more links that we need to complete the $1,000 fundraiser to feed the horses! Only 6 out of 50! Thank you all so much for linking, we are sure that there are some of you that have websites and blogs that just haven’t taken the time to do it yet. We need your links! By a simple link you will donate the funds to feed a rescued horse for 2 weeks. You can’t possibly go wrong. Click here to learn how. Since we are so close we have been given until tomorrows blog to get the links up.

It was raining at the rescue, pretty much all day long. We are typically closed on rainy days, but when people started calling this morning to see if we would be open, it happened to be before the rain really started to fall.

The Hay Wagon sure is amazing. It makes feeding so much easier. One of the huge benefits of it over the 4 wheeler is you can open bales of hay on it without them falling all over the ground. The back seems to be made just the right size for a couple bales of hay.

Spankey got to go home today. His adoptive mommy was a little camera shy, but Spankey sure doesn’t care. He wasn’t too sure about leaving, he remembered going to the vet to be gelded, but with a little assurance that he is going to a wonderful new home, he was soon in the trailer.

The first horse to be surrendered today is an Appalossa / TB cross gelding. He is supposed to be very nicely trained to ride, his previous owner said he is “Dead dead broke.” His name is Hefty, he is 12 years old. He does have moon blindness in one of his eyes and as time goes on his other eye could also become moon blind. He is definitely a beautiful boy with a cute spots. He is looking for his forever home, maybe yours?

Jason and Larry somehow got the inside jobs doing office work, while Tawnee and April got the outside jobs of showing horses and cleaning the stalls, along with a number of other miscellaneous chores. All in the rain. They’re not sure quite how it happened that they had to work in the rain all day, but that’s what happened. They were really happy that the Hay Wagon made their jobs a lot easier though.

The drainage ditches needed to be cleared out so water could run off from around the mare motel. It hadn’t been done since last winter and the debris was preventing the water from draining off freely.

Finally the ditch was clear and the water was flowing freely.

Olive, the Mustang that was abandoned in the olive orchard due to foreclosure recently, is doing great. We are waiting for her title to clear so we can find her a home. Tawnee says that from her brand she is 16 years old.

Around closing time Larry got a call about two horses that really needed to come into the rescue. Their owner was no longer able to keep them. Larry said “Yes” and soon the owner was hooked up and on his way. He arrived in the evening and the light was fading fast.

Soon the horses were safely tucked into the waiting stalls.

We would like to introduce you to Numa. He is a 17-18 year old Arab gelding who is trained to ride. He is a really beautiful boy, even though he is a little wet. He was used at a youth camp before the person that surrendered him got him.

Howdy wanted to say “Howdy” to all the blog readers. He is a 25-26 year old gelding that was used at the same youth camp as Numa. He is getting older but is still OK for light riding.

Both of the horses settled in for the night. The 3 horses that were surrendered today make a total of 17 horses that have come into the rescue since January 1st. That is a horse a day we are rescuing. We can’t do it without your help! Please consider donating to our general operating fund to help these horses: click here.

Tonight’s featured Ebay Giving Works item is a Coach Handbag, guaranteed authentic. It is a NEW Coach Handbag from the Coach Factory store made of coated canvas multi color graffiti style with gold leather accents. 25% – 70% of the items selling price will be donated to the rescue, click here to see the auction.

Many thanks to Natalie K., Ben S. on behalf of Christina K., Carla G., for their extremely generous donations. We can’t rescue without your support!

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