We got a wonderful update from Woody’s adoptive mom. She writes: “Just wanted to say thank you very much for letting me adopt my Woody boy. He is doing great. I got him a blue and green blanket and he is doing really great at the place I am keeping him. I have him with another girl horse and they seem to be working well together. There is eight horses that are out at the place that he is staying at. Sadie is there too. We have changed her name to Abby and she is doing really well too. We also got a red blanket for her too. She is getting her teeth check on Tuesday. Well just wanted to let you know about them and how happy we both are.”

Starting off 50 links for $1,000 to feed the horses seemed like such a huge task. Well, as we always know, we could count on you and it’s been done! $1,000 has been raised to feed the rescued horses thanks to the 50 website / blogs that link to Rosie’s Remedies. Thank you all so much! If you have a couple minutes, you should visit the blogs and websites that linked to Rosie’s Remedies, you never know what interesting sites you will find. To visit those that linked to Rosie’s Remedies, click here. Once again, “Thank you!” to all those that linked, thank you for making the donation of $1,000 possible.

This morning it was raining. Tawnee couldn’t wait to get out and tell Numa that he is now in adoption pending. As soon as the application is processed, hopefully him and Chief will be going home together.

The little drainage ditches that Tawnee and April cleared out yesterday were really flowing today. It’s a good thing they got it done yesterday!

Snowlake really needed her feet trimmed. The day she came to the rescue she arrived after the farrier had already left. At the vet a farrier was scheduled to work on Baby’s feet to get her prepped for surgery, so Tawnee decided to take Snowlake out to get her feet done as well.

Snowlake’s feet were so terribly long, she desperately needed a pedicure.

She wasn’t too keen on going to the “spa” but decided to be a good girl and get in the trailer. She really is a sweet horse, very willing to please, just a little nervous. You can tell she’s been cowboyed about.

The wind was blowing, the rain was falling, and the road was muddy.

At the vet, Snowlake was a good girl and her pedicure began.

You could see the look on her face, she wasn’t too sure what was going on but she decided to be a good girl and just stand there. The farrier said it’s been awhile since he’s seen hooves this long.

Baby is doing well, she got to hang out in a nice grassy area for a little while, and she really enjoyed it. We are really excited that an approved adopter has stepped forward to give Baby a forever home when she is well enough to leave the vet.

Her hooves were trimmed and now she is standing on her tippy toe. After the surgery she’ll be able to stand properly as the contracted tendon will no longer be an issue.

She was an amazing doll when it came time to get her legs prepped for tomorrows surgery. She didn’t flinch at all when the shaver was turned on and ran up and down her legs. What a good girl Baby!

She kind of looked like a poodle afterwards, with the little tiny legs with puffy hair above her knees.

Tawnee loaded Snowlake into the trailer, and just had to get a quick shot of her fancy new hooves. She must feel so much better being able to walk on properly trimmed hooves. It will take a few trims to get her back where she should be, but she is much better off now.

When Tawnee pulled away from the vet, it had stopped raining, but the wind was still blowing pretty hard.

On the way back to the rescue Tawnee stopped by the Post Office. We would like to thank all of you that send gifts and cards, we cannot tell you how much we appreciate your generosity and support! It really does make the rescue operate financially.

The gentle little river that is about 3/10’s of a mile from the rescue is really starting to flow good, and is starting to flood a bit. What will it be after 10 more days of rain?

At the rescue Snowlake was more than happy to get out of the trailer and into her pen. Snowlake is a really sweet horse. We will be evaluating her riding ability soon.

This blogs Ebay Giving Works item is yet another handbag. This one is a mint condition BRIGHTON SATCHEL. 25% of the sale price is donated to help the horses, and it is currently at only $29.99! Click here for the auction listing.

A huge “Thank You!” to Christe R. in memory of Charlie, IBM, Anna P., Judy H., Hannah R., Sigrid V. for their extremely generous donations today. Thank you!

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