April and Larry stayed up until 2:00 am writing poster boards for the protest today. We wanted to have extra signs just in case someone came without any signs. They brought the signs over to the rescue this morning and Jason, Tawnee, April and Larry headed off to the Mustang Roundup protest in Sacramento.

The trip to the capital was quite uneventful, other than all the road work repairing the flood and wind damage. It really is a beautiful capital building, built in the early 1800’s.

They all went into the capital building to look around. Being “faithful” California residents, most of them had never seen inside the capital before. Tawnee found an exhibit room that had a life size horse statue in it. No doubt many of the calvary horses were related to the Mustangs.

There are many amazing and beautiful architecture statues, walls, ceilings, floors, it is all just really awesome. If you are visiting Sacramento it is worth the short line through security to get inside to see all the sights.

One of the exhibits for one of the counties showed a picture of Mustangs running free, with the caption “Wild Horses.” One has to wonder if those horses, or their decedents, are still running free.

Soon it was time for the protest to start, so they headed back to the truck to get the protest signs. They joined up with some other protesters who were on their way to the designated spot. Since Larry’s surgery he is able to stand and walk for short distances, but is much more comfortable in his wheel chair for long distances. He let his opinion matter even just wheeling around the sidewalks.

Everyone began to get their signs out and they all began to huddle in the rain. It really began to pour!

It’s really amazing standing in front of such a big building, it can make you feel really small. The approximately 40 protesters just look like little dots.

Soon KCRA channel 3 showed up to do a video shoot for the news. We’re not sure if it is going to make the news or not, we should know by tomorrows blog.

Tawnee and Carla were interviewed for the news.

It’s amazing that there was such a supportive group of folks who were willing to leave their comfortable houses and places of work to come show their support for the wild Mustangs, despite the rain and inclement weather.

Soon it was time to go inside for a press conference. After this picture was taken the room really filled up.

Next the keynote speakers gave their presentations. There were 4 guest speakers which were, from left to right: Craig, BOD for the Cloud Foundation, Elyse, a Humane Observer who photographs the roundups as seen on the Cloud Foundation website, Carla, volunteer for the Cloud Foundation and Tawnee, VP of NorCal Equine Rescue.

It was Tawnee’s first time giving a speech in the Capital building. She says she hopes it her last time, only time can tell. Click here to watch her speech on Youtube. Tawnee was expecting to give a 5 minute speech, but shortly before she began her speech, due to time constraints, she was only given a couple minutes so she had to change her speech on the fly.
After the press conference everyone went to Senator Boxer’s office where they had an appointment. The keynote speakers had a private meeting with Senator Boxer’s aid, but as no camera’s are allowed in the building, you will just have to settle for a picture on the outside. Don’t feel too bad, all of the people that were a part of the protest had to stay on the outside too. They wouldn’t allow that many people who did not have direct business inside the building.

Finally our staff left the capital and headed to their next appointment.

They met at a possible future adoption center with a dedicated group of people who are working hard to make it happen. Time will tell but it seems things are moving forward.
From there it was the long drive back to the rescue.

Many thanks to Klingele L., Omar S., Karen O., Scott & Suzanne M. for their extremely generous donations today. We really appreciate it!

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