You all remember the protest on Thursday right? The TV station has finally posted their news segment on video of the protest, and amazingly it featured a snippet of Tawnee. Click here to watch the video.

We are feeling a bit soggy around here. It has just been rain, rain and a little more rain on top of it. The other day when Jason was coming back with a load of hay the water was flowing over the road. Take note this is not the main bridge we take pictures from, but is a different area of the road.

This morning Dun Deal’s adopter came out to take her home. It was neat seeing that Dun Deal really did remember her and warmed right up as she licked and chewed. You could easily tell that Dun Deal still trusted her.

They brought some hay to donate. First everyone started unloading it by hand and hauling it over to the designated spot. Then they remembered that thanks to your support, we have a Hay Wagon! It is a new way of working that everyone here at the rescue is getting used to, it sure is a huge improvement.

They did a quick adoption photo pose before Dun Deal was led over to the trailer.

Dun Deal was very calm as she observed the trailer, making sure there were no mountain lions, bears or wolves waiting to pounce on her when she got inside.

She was a very good girl and with a little coaxing from her new mommy she soon calmly stepped in.

Poor Linda worked out in the rain today with the horses. It wasn’t much of an exercise program for them as we didn’t want them to get warmed up and then chilled. Mostly she just groomed them, put the saddle on, test rode them, and then got off before they got worked up.

A huge project was undertaken today by Jason and a volunteer, Rob. We have been moving a lot of panels around this winter as mud takes over the pens. Today’s moving project was Toby’s Golden Moonlight barn. The ground underneath it had become saturated, and so it was time to move it to drier, firmer ground. Blue, the dog, observed everything to make sure it was done properly.

The rain has put a damper on everything. We keep thinking and saying we are closed on rainy days, but people just keep showing up. We must make this official as due to liability reasons we must be closed on rainy days. Please call before you head out to make sure it’s not a rainy day on Sunday’s. During the week visitors are most welcome by appointment, weather permitting.

With a lot of hard work in the pouring rain, the Toby Well’s Golden Moonlight barn was finally having the finishing bolts tightened down. We’re going to have to let it dry out for awhile before putting horses in it, everything is just wet wet wet!

Chief and Numa’s potential adopters have been excitedly waiting for the day when they can take their new family members home. They came out to see them today, and to get the paperwork and transportation arrangements made.

This adoption photo is a really touching one, you can Numa snuggling up with his new family. Picture perfect! You can see how thankful he is that they have opened their hearts and home to give him a perfect home.

After the visitors were done walking around, they were grateful for the little creek flowing at the rescue where they could wash off their shoes. There is fresh clean water everywhere. Speaking of water…

…isn’t this just the most adorable cutting board you have ever seen? It’s a picture of a beautiful lake of water with two Loon’s enjoying their bright sunny day in the water. It’s on eBay, 10% of the final sale benefits us! Click here for the listing.

Many thanks to Priscilla B. and Janine M. for their generous donations. You can see your name here next blog by just clicking here!

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