We need your help. The daily calls of folks in desperate need are increasing and getting more desperate. On our website under current needs you will find a fundraiser called “Help a Horse in Need.” Our goal is raise the funds to help 50 horses that are at the absolute end of the road, where their owner has no options other than abandon them, borrow a gun and shoot them, or send them off with a killer buyer. These are horses who’s owners have contacted everybody, tried to give their horse away to a decent home, all to no avail. Every rescue they call is full and they are told “No.” We are their last chance before they are financially forced to do the unthinkable.

It takes $150 to bring a horse into our rescue to cover the initial care and evaluation of the horse. We have come to the place where we cannot bring in anywhere near all the horses that we get begged to take in. As the economy goes down, there are more and more horses that need help, but fewer amd fewer donations. It is a very vicious circle. We are here to help all the horses we can, we never want to have to say “No, we cannot help you.” We do our very best, but the situations is really getting worse. Click here.

We’ve compiled a few of the phone calls and phone messages we have received in the last 48 hours so you can also hear the desperation, the utter hopelessness of horse owners without options. We really need your help, if you can, please donate to this fundraiser to give a chance to a wonderful horse in need. The video is a slide show of some of the over 1,200 horses we have rescued, with real telephone calls and messages as the audio. Click here.

On a brighter note, we got an update on Dun Deal. These pictures are from when she arrived at her new home yesterday.

She got her first look at her big beautiful barn. She has moved back to snow country. If you remember, when we went to bring her to the rescue the first time, it was all snowy.

She has a beautiful stall where she can bond with her new mommy and her neighbour, who is also a mustang. We would like to thank Phyllis for opening her heart and home to Dun Deal. It takes special people to be able to adopt a horse that requires so much training, love and time.

This morning Tawnee headed to the vet with Numa and Chief. While at the vet, she visited Baby. She is doing really well at the vet. She is alert and bright eyed, happy to see any visitor that comes her way.

She stands comfortably and is waiting patiently until she is able to go to her new home. She is such a cutey and we would like to thank Rosey’s Remedies and all the Tweeter followers for making her surgery possible.
Numa and Chief were taken out to the vet for their permanent identification.
Both of their identifications went very well and they will now be known as horses that always have a shelter to come back to if needed.

The rain still hasn’t let up, the horses are so glad they are riding in the dry trailer unlike their ancestors who had to pull people in covered wagons through the rain.
After getting back from the vet, they waited for a few minutes in a stall together before loading back up for their trip to their forever home.

Numa was a very good boy and hopped right into the trailer, excited to see what big adventure lay ahead for him this time. Chief, who was already in the trailer, was also a wonderful boy at loading.

There was an monsoon style rainstorm practically the entire trip. A little patchy fog here and there helped keep Jason alert too.

Finally they arrived safely at Chief and Numa’s home. Numa was the first to get out, followed by Chief, seen below.

As soon as they could, they headed off to enjoy exploring their large pasture together. They sure did look happy and relaxed.

Tawnee worked very diligently on a new database software that was donated to the rescue for better record keeping. She also updated the available page.

We would like to welcome J. Evans Plumbing company as a proud advertiser / sponsor of NorCal Equine Rescue! We welcome you to visit their website to see what they are all about. Click here.

Many thanks to Sara H., Cynthia B., and Suzanne F. for their extremely generous donations today. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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