Valentines day is right around the corner, and we have a special fundraiser that we have been waiting until just the right time to share with you…

Awhile ago a very special person donate a 10kt white gold diamond tennis bracelet to be used as a fundraiser. We’ve been saving it for Valentines so it can make a very special gift for a special person in your life, while helping horses all at the same time! Ladies, please hint very strongly to the special guy in your life that this is what would be the ultimate Valentines day gift. 100% of the proceeds go to help the horses, and the starting bid is only 1 cent. Click here.

In yesterdays blog we asked for your help, and your generosity to help horses was once again overwhelming. About $1,000 was donated to various funds just today to help horses in desperate situations! Saying “Yes!” to people in desperate need is made possible with your help. We cannot thank you enough! If you had a chance to listen to the Youtube video we posted with conversations with people who where losing all, you would remember the conversation with the lady who owned a horse for 24 years and is on the verge of losing every possession. Tawnee suggested she try calling SAFER horse rescue as she was more in their area. We are extremely pleased to announce that arrangements are being made for her mare to go to a SAFER foster home. Just incredibly awesome! Networking between rescues can get so much accomplished.

We have a great update on two horses that were adopted from us into the same lovely family. First of all is Snazzy. They write: “Snazzy bonded with our family right away and seems aimed to learn and please. She is a real sweet girl.”

Cedar is also doing very well at his home and they love him immensely. He even loves to lick the snow, silly boy! After these photo’s were taken they were moved out of the snow to a lower elevation. They did seem to enjoy the snow while they were there though.

Look at the adorable family they all are together. Thank you guys so much for giving them such a great home. It is so heartwarming when horses such as Snazzy, at a livestock auction doomed to an unknown fate, are adopted into such wonderful homes. This happens because of your support.

This morning something was different. Little Big Red looked and looked and looked, and just couldn’t quite figure out what had happened that was different. Then it suddenly dawned on her: the rain was no longer falling on the roof! The rain had actually stopped. She just couldn’t wait to get out of her stall and into the round pen.

Everything was still really wet, but what a relief. She loved playing in the round pen to stretch her legs after the long storm we had.

Since the rain was stopped it was time to get some outside chores done. Some pallets that had been laying on the ground needed to be picked up and moved to a new location for the hay to be stored on them.

Jason and Blue worked tirelessly at it for quite some time. Pretty much Blue sat there and made sure the mice stayed hidden and that Jason was doing his job without slacking off.

Blue says that riding is hard work, but maybe not quite as hard as actually running along.

It has been decided to use part of the mare motel as hay storage temporarily until the ground dries out enough so the horses can use the barn.

Pallet after pallet was laid on the ground in preparation for the load of hay that will soon be delivered.

It sure was nice to see broken clouds with the sun peering out for a change. The sad thing was, it’s been so long that everyones eyes had to adjust to the brightness.

Some chores needed to be done in town, one of which was picking up the mail. We always appreciate wonderful cards, letters, donations and emotional support that you all send us. We wish we had the time to respond to each one personally, but do know that each and every one is greatly appreciated!

One envelope had the cutest stamp we have ever seen. Two very adorable horses peering out from behind the postmark.

Another card that really touched our heart had a picture of a beautiful mini stallion. The note inside really touched our hearts. It said: “I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to have my mini stallion (Pete) gelded. He’s a gorgeous horse and I had a lot of people asking why I’d geld him and I told them all that there are lots of gorgeous horses out there and that he’ll make a very fine champion gelding!! It was really hard to do, but I thank you for the inspiration.” We commend you on having your absolutely stunning boy gelded!

You may remember we used to post sunset pictures o
ff and on. Tawnee just couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw what an amazing sunset developed tonight. It was so nice to see another sunset with the colors bursting through the air. Tawnee wants to see another one tomorrow evening too.

Many thanks to Constance W., Kathy H., Joni M., Scott C., Patricia P., Ann H., Gail G., Irene C., Peggy L., Margaret D., Dianna S., Laura C., Norma C., Elizabeth N., Carla G., Jeanette C in honor of Barbaro, Heidi J., Natalie K., Tristan D., Julie M., Micaela P., E G. What an absolutely amazing day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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