This morning Ethan and August needed to be taken to the vet for their brain surgery: gelding. They have testosterone poisoning and needed to get their problem cleared up so they can hopefully find their forever home. Tawnee went out to start up the truck, and all that it did was click click click. Dead battery? Surely not! In 4 years of service it has never let us down. The white trailer was recently fixed, and we have been asked to sell it for the owners. One of the best ways to sell a horse trailer is to drive it around with a 4-Sale sign! It was used to take Chief and Numa to their adoptive home, and was still hooked up to the truck this morning.
Sure enough, the batteries were dead, and other plans had to be made. Jason backed the truck down the hill with no power brakes, and then hooked jumper cables from the van to the truck. After all that, it still wouldn’t start. Other plans had to be implemented.

The truck was hooked up to the white trailer, and without power it was impossible to separate them. The little silver trailer was filled up with hay, and the van can’t pull the gooseneck. Jason began the long job of unloading the hay, putting it into the Hay Wagon and driving it to where the hay is being stored.

Once up there Jason unloaded the hay, put it on the pallets…

…and headed back for more. We are so glad to have the Hay Wagon, it made the job significantly easier! It’s rated to carry two more bales, but Jason didn’t want to be picking bales up off the ground.

It took trip after trip, but finally the little silver trailer was empty of hay and ready for equine occupants.

The van was hooked up, and then backed up to the Mare Motel to load Ethan and August.

Soon they were in the trailer and ready for their big trip. They had no idea where they were going, but were excited to find out.

It was an extremely beautiful day today, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, it was so nice. We can’t wait for the leaves to start budding.

Baby is doing quite well. She was able to get out today and head off to her pasture where she can enjoy some nice grass and sunshine. She is still sore but this always takes time. For Macho Man it took about 3 months before he was sound again.

August and Ethan got settled in their stall. They are such cute little guys.

Today was a euthanasia clinic day, although with all the bad weather we have been having folks canceling. 1 horse did come to the clinic today. It’s always so sad seeing the owners say “Goodbye, I love you” but we are thankful that they are doing what is best for their beloved horse.

It’s really sad when a horse gets so old its body deteriorates. It is comforting to know that aching joints will no longer be hurting, and that the last thing he knew was love, food and a soft voice.

Ethan and August aren’t too sure why they’re at the vet. They will find out tomorrow. First they need to settle in and get comfortable with their new surroundings. This is their first night at the vet in their whole lives.

Tawnee really enjoyed the scenery on her way back to the rescue. Everything is starting to get green and the sun was on the hills instead of dark grey storm clouds.

Tawnee got her wish and saw another beautiful sunset tonight.

Somehow we didn’t link to the bracelet in the last blog. It has received 10 bids and is currently only $198.50. Click here!

Recently we have had some people complain that we send them too much email. We are a very active rescue (as you know) and every day a lot gets done. We send at least 6 emails a week, sometimes more depending on what is happening. Generally we only send emails once a day when the blog is posted. We apologize if you think we send too much email, but this email list is a daily update of the happenings at the rescue. If you do not wish to be on the emailing list, there is an unsubscribe at the bottom of the email. We love all of our readers, but just wanted to let you know that it is really easy to unsubscribe if reading the blog makes you tired. Jason and Tawnee say they understand if this blog makes you tired just reading it, they say “Just imagine actually doing it all!”

Many thanks to Carolyn H., Patricia M in memory of Classy Mickey, Diane P., Dorothy J. for their extremely generous donations today. They are greatly appreciated! It is a wonderful feeling knowing we can say “Yes!” to those desperate horse owners, knowing that the funds will be available to care for their beloved horse.

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