We got an absolutely lovely update from Prairie and Spunky’s adoptive mommy. She writes: “You should see her when they are out running the 5 acres…… All are so awesome to see as they run and buck all over. Miss Bella is quite a sight as she leaps through the air like a Lippezaner(sp?) All the horsies are such a joy to me…….Thanks again so much for all you do to save these beautiful animals!”

Tawnee reminisced with herself when she saw this photo about the day they were rescued. She was sitting in the auction ring, when a yearling TB entered the ring. He went down to $75. Tawnee bid and won, and the yearling was moved out of the ring. The door opened again, and in walked another TB yearling. Again, bid of $75, Tawnee bid and won. Yet another TB yearling walked in the ring. Tawnee was beginning to wonder where she would put all the yearling babies as she won that one too. Then the door opened again, and yet another (the 4th in a row!) walked in. By this time Tawnee was feeling a bit overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do. She didn’t win the bid on that TB, and she felt sure that must be all of them. The door opened again, #5 yearling TB walked in, Tawnee bid the $75, and another TB yearling was saved. Thankfully the next time the door opened it was not a TB yearling. Tawnee says she will always remember that day. The wonderful thing is, the 4 TB yearling’s were adopted to 2 different families. It was nice that they were able to stay with their buddies. It is so heartwarming to see these two doing so well.

We all know you enjoy seeing the pictures of the daily activity at the rescue. For quite some time, it seems, the pictures have been taken with the below camera. Notice how the paint is almost worn off.

The buttons are no longer readable as the paint has been gone for some time. The screen is cracked and there is remnants of hay inside the screen. This camera recently died, permanently with no hope of being fixed.

Just for fun, we have a poll up asking how old you think the camera is. You can access the poll on our website by clicking here. The answer will be on Sunday’s blog.

This morning Macho Man and Dottie were complaining that they haven’t been on the blog for awhile. At least that is what Macho Man was saying. Dottie still remembers her adventure to the vet to get her dental done. So, here Macho Man and Dottie are saying “Hi!” to all of you readers.

Tawnee had some things she needed to have done so she was off and down the road. Butte County Public Works needs to come fix the road again. After the rain, the potholes are really developing. This is the good part of the road.

Tawnee stopped by the vet to see how the boys are doing. Due to a heavy emergency work load of small animals, their surgery’s have been postponed. We are excited that they will soon be able to be adopted as cute little geldings.

Baby is doing great too and was enjoying a sunbath in the beautiful green grass. She is so cute!

We have a new addition at the rescue. When there are multiple people cleaning stalls and doing the dirty work, there are two main tools that are used. A nice aluminum shovel and a very heavy awkward shovel. While at Tractor Supply, Tawnee got a nice new shovel. In the sun it seemed to glimmer and shine like a pretty toy.

Soon it was back at the rescue and Tawnee lined it up with the old aluminum shovel. They are both the same brands, but the old one seems to be about an inch and a half shorter than the other one.

It’s been there, done that for awhile and the leading edge is getting worn down from all the works it’s been put through. That’s what happened to the other inch and a half.

The poor shiny shovel was probably hoping to spend its life in a heated garaged, waiting for the nonexistent Oroville snowstorm. Instead, it was put right to work moving manure. Not so glamorous, but a lot more useful.

Our Facebook page got a slight facelift today. If you’re not a fan, you should be! Since you love reading the blog, you’ll enjoy the Facebook page as Jason posts snippets of things that are happening at the rescue before they make it on the blog. You can leave comments too! Click here.

The wonderful bracelet has bid up to $256.51 with 13 bids! Your special valentine will feel loved and honored wearing this bracelet, especially knowing that its purchase helped rescue horses. Speaking of Valentines Day, we will be closed that day. It lands on a Sunday this year, and we feel that all the staff deserve the special day off. To visit the Ebay auction, click here.

Thank you all so much for your support, both financially and emotionally. Penny P donated a Cosco Gift Card! United Way and Emily P donated today to help the horses. The following emails are the emotional response from the “Too many emails” segment of yesterdays blog. Enjoy! Please know that Jason and Tawnee read and enjoy all of your emails, they hope that you understand if they don’t personally have time to reply.

Per your blog last night, I would never complain about your emails, you guys are incredible at what you do. I have now idea how you get the energy (being young helps) to do it all, then
write the very informative, creative, entertaining blogs at the end of every day. Plus your raising a family on top of it all. My heart goes out to you both, you two are the meaning of dedication.

Thanks for all you do

We LOVE your E-Mails!

I just want you to know that your email is one of the highlights in my inbox. I always look forward to reading them. thanks, Kim

I could sit and read your email blogs all day long (if I didn’t have to go to work!!!) and stare at the pictures you post and imagine being there with all that is going on. I used to be able to donate to the rescues then hours were cut but I plan to send some from my Fed Tax return as soon as it hits to help whenever I can. I can’t imagine all you do! I wish I could save the animal kingdom from everything and just knowing that I can help at all through people like you is the greatest feeling. I donate to my local shelter as well , but horses run through my dreams! Love to all! Trudi

Oh pish posh – I wish you would send more emails – I LOVE hearing about the rescue – but that is just MY opinion! Keep up the great job! Dawn

Sadness to those who feel you send to many emails. I look forward to them and Bless all of you for all that you do. May those who complain about menial things find love and grace in their hearts. Best Regards and Blessings, Irene

Your blogs are never boring.I look forward to reading each and every one. Actually today’s was extremely cute about the testosterone poisoning. I sat here and laughed my butt off. Keep up the good work and the great sense of humor. Cindi

I had to respond about the person who thought you sent too many emails. Apparently they’ve never heard of a delete button. I love your blog and usually start my day reading it. I enjoy reading what’s going on and I feel like I’ve come to know all of you.

Keep up the good work. Regards, Joni

We love reading your blog ~ we know
you all work yer =#! off and its appreciated 🙂
YOU ROCK!! Lov Jim & Eileen and Grandma Edith

We love your daily blogs! Rhonda

Just read your blog…I love ALL the emails…I totally look forward to reading your blog and updates!!! (I read about some not liking all the emails) I LOVE THEM!! Keep up the great work! The horses are so LUCKY to have wonderful people like you!!!!! Thank you!! Kathy

I for one don’t think you send too much email and in fact look forward to seeing the updates in my inbox!! Keep up the good work! Jessica

Well I am one who thinks you send JUST enoughh email and LOVE it…. keep it coming! Kristi

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